We're so excited to announce that the Astrology Hub Podcast is now LIVE and available to listen to wherever you access your podcasts…

And I can’t wait to share this gift with you…

Because I know it will become a trusted guide that will be there for you…

When you have choices to make and not enough clarity…
When your dreams start to feel out of reach…
When you’re feeling alone in the craziness of your day to day reality…
When you forget that there’s magic in the world…
And whenever you need a nice dose of inspiration.

So, if you’re looking for practical astrological wisdom or just a heads up on the week’s cosmic weather, this podcast is for you!

BUT—we need help from you!

Because we know the podcast won’t only become a trusted guide for YOU but it could also help thousands of other people who don’t know how helpful astrology can be yet!

We want to celebrate with you, and that’s why we’re hosting an awesome giveaway! 🎉

It is so easy to enter! All you have to do is:

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What's up for grabs?

Once you enter you'll receive…. [Jupiter in Sagittarius] How to align with your purpose in 2019

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PLUS: 1 lucky entry will WIN our Astrology Hub Mega-Course Bundle!!!

This Mega-Course Bundle includes 3 of our top courses: Shamanic Astrology, Moon Magic + 1-year membership to Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle! (a $595 value)!*

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We will randomly select 1 lucky subscriber on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2018, so please make sure you’ve completed all 3 steps above by December 20th.

Everyone who enters will instantly get an email with the Quick Guide: [Jupiter in Sagittarius] How to align with your purpose in 2019

We’re really excited about this podcast, and we know you will be too!

So be sure to set aside some time today to subscribe and listen, but most importantly, to take action on the strategies that are being shared so that you can align yourself with the flow of Astrological Wisdom TODAY!

Listen to the podcast today on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

And now, a quick overview of the first 5 episodes, all available today!

Your Astrology Forecast for the week of December 10, 2018

You know that feeling when you’re in a pitch-dark room — you can’t see anything but feel EVERYTHING? That’s what this weekly horoscope is telling us…

Listen to the December 10-16, 2018 Horoscope on iTunes

Episode 001: An Intimate Start: How Astrology changed our lives… and how it can change yours too!

In this episode, Donna and I share the paths that lead us to the Cosmic Curriculum. Our stories are not the same, yet we were lead here by the same emotional & physical growth that, to be honest, was painful.

Listen to Episode 001 on iTunes

Episode 002: Getting the most out of this podcast: Everything you need to know!

There's a rhythm that we're all swaying to… and being aware of the ebb and flow of the energy is a priceless tool.

Listen to Episode 002 on iTunes

Episode 003: 

PODCAST TEMPLATE Interview Youtube Thumbnail

There's a rhythm that we're all swaying to… and being aware of the ebb and flow of the energy is a priceless tool.

Listen to Episode 003 on iTunes

Tune in on your drive to work, while you’re doing the dishes or taking a walk…

And leave feeling brighter, wiser and more confident as you go through your day.

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  1. Tracy corbin on December 13, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    I’m super excited about the podcast too

  2. Marjorie Forsyth on November 13, 2021 at 3:23 am

    p.p.s It really wasn’t 3:21 a.m. in Montreal at the time I posted…

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