For the Week of December 17, 2018 — Full Moon in Cancer

Listen to Amanda & Donna review the forecast for the week of December 17th so you’ll know how many task-focused days you have left in 2018, and what to expect as this year wraps up!

Weekly Horoscope

🎵 …it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you. 🎵

Has it felt like the Holiday vibe was missing in action this year? If it has, this week you can expect a noticeable shift. Before you know it, you’ll be singing, smiling and thinking of endless possibilities!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are probably your final really productive days for 2019 because after that we are just on the rollercoaster for the rest of the year. So wrap up any projects that you have for the year so that you can have time to focus on other things for the remainder of the year.

Donna Woodwell


You’ll be excited to hear that—once again—the universe is giving us permission to celebrate this season. Donna explained the planetary dance above.

A trine is when two planets are really getting along. This week we will see this with the Sun, which is our essential vitality, and the planet Uranus. Uranus loves to be freefor you to be your authentic self.

When the Sun gets together with Uranus right before a holiday break, guess what? The switch in your head is going to flip and we will all feel like going off on vacation…

Or maybe a party….?


This weekend is far from ordinary! The Winter Solstice and a Cancer Full Moon occur back to back (the Solstice on the 21st & the Full Moon on the 22nd). However, before the party starts, Mercury & Jupiter set the stage.

Mercury is going to be meeting up with Jupiter in the sky just a few hours before the solstice. Mercury’s is “describe” he likes to write things down.

Normally we make  New Year’s resolutions January 1st…but this is a really powerful day for writing those down and…capitalizing on that magical moment because it will help you ground what you hope to create.

Donna Woodwell


Are resolutions humming in your thoughts? There is so much more to consider, Donna describes the Winter Solstice…

The Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere is the longest night of the year… the night is a metaphor for how we go into our inner darkness.

And the Cancer Full Moon…

Cancer loves to nurture, loves to focus on tribe and making space for everyone to be comfortable.

When you think about how this weekend will fall together … doesn’t it make you want to smile?

…on the darkest night of the year Mercury (the messenger) and Jupiter (abundance) meet, and then a Cancer Full Moon….

The symbolic nature of this cosmic rhythm is breathtaking.

Make sure to tune in to Thursday’s Episode, Carolyn Elliot will discuss some entertaining – Elizabethan – ideas for this weekend of celebration!

There is so much magic and opportunity to manifest your purpose in this season—Tune In for Amanda & Donna’s advice on how to harness the energy of the week!

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