Astrology Hub Podcast Ep 32: Using Astrology to Answer Your Most Urgent and Important Life Questions – An Interview with Horary, Electional and Classical Astrologer Wade Caves

“Horary Astrology is about the significance of a moment, and the power that is in a moment time, both qualitatively but also quantitatively and how to explore that.” – Wade Caves

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Astrology Hub Podcast Ep 32: Using Astrology to Answer Your Most Urgent and Important Life Questions

How do you stay centered through the chaotic times that happen right before you experience a breakthrough? 

How can you move from feeling chaotic and overwhelmed, to decisive and clear? 

To help you turn this time of potentially sudden and abrupt change into one of pivotal change for the better, we’re featuring a very special guest on the podcast this week.  

Wade Caves is an incredibly talented Horary, Electional and Classical Astrologer, and also this month's Inner Circle Astrologer Guide.

In addition to covering the energies of the upcoming lunar cycle, we cover the mysterious branch of Astrology called “Horary Astrology.”

It can help people with questions as critical as “where is my missing child?” or as mundane as “I lost my keys and need to find them!” 

And how really, any question we bring to Astrology is a search for truth and a desire to understand the symbology of what’s happening in our lives.

Tune in  – we think you’ll be amazed by Wade and this practice of Astrology that you may not even realize exists!

Most memorable quote(s) from the show

“I love that when I'm trying to connect with the client, I don't have to explain to them the sun cycle because they're biological organisms that are in intrinsically tied to nature. I love being able to remind my clients of that. I am helping them do is to get back in touch with their own natural cycle, their rhythm, which has spiritual implications. I find the answers I get from the traditional paths very helpful and meaningful to me personally. You've gotta open the door that your heart just cannot help but rip open.

Wade Caves

“Another amazing layer to help understand ourselves. It's endless. It's amazing. I love it. You're bringing a wonderful perspective, and I love that we're starting with understanding how the lunation is affecting our own chart. I think sometimes we take for granted that everyone would know how to look at their chart & the lunation. I love that you're going to bring some rigorous instruction around this point.”

Amanda Pua Walsh

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  1. Jeff Peters on June 27, 2019 at 9:46 pm

    An earlier term for Horary was Interrogation. It is an interrogation of the universal whole for an answer to a particular query.

  2. Yasumi on June 28, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    Every time horary astrology comes up, that scene from Pirates of the Caribbean gets funnier.
    “I’m not just an astronomer. I’m also a horologist!”
    “No shame in that, dear. We all have to make a living.”
    “So was me mum, although she didn’t crow about it quite as loud as you.”

    haha, seriously, though, it’s amazing and I’ve run horary charts for myself and others, both mundane and deeply significant and the readings were mind-blowing. It’s just a fun (an in some ways, far simpler) spin on astrology! But it does get tricky to find the right significators for people based on what these different aspects actually mean to them personally, like how someone’s pet could be the 4th, 5th or even 7th house. The lost key was such a good example on the challenge! Also thank you so much for the wealth of information that is skyscript. Loved the talk, Wade and his perspective!

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