“If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it.” – Nadiya Shah, Inner Circle Astrologer Guide..…” – Nadiya Shah

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Pisces Full Moon: Emotional Mastery

In our Inner Circle Full Moon Forecast & Ceremony, Astrologer Nadiya Shah emphasized heightened emotions as the overarching theme for the Pisces Full Moon.   

And with any charged emotional time, there’s a potential danger of getting thrown off balance and doing or saying things you’ll later regret.

I know this can feel ominous, and you may be wondering how this will show up for you…

But it really doesn’t have to be scary! 

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One of Astrology’s gifts is foresight, so you can anticipate, prepare and create a plan for working with the energies in a productive way.

You can consider this the perfect opportunity to practice staying in your center so you can access your inner wisdom…

… practice staying WITH your emotions without letting them take you over so you can choose instead of react…

And practice breathing through the process and learning to find the JOY and the SACRED in these highly emotional moments.

But HOW do you do this?

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As always, Astrology provides useful insights you can use during this Pisces Full Moon!  

If you have a lot of Earth in your chart… find ways to ground in and be present in your space. Even if being present means a power cleaning session that requires rearranging all the furniture and cleaning every nook with a toothbrush. Clear out what was, and prepare for the gifts that are coming.

If you have a lot of Air in your chart… think, write, speak, express what’s spinning inside so you can understand how you arrived where you are, and where you’re going. Once you ‘hear’ the emotions you will find the release you need so you have the mental space to invite in a new season of your life. 

If you have a lot of Water in your chart… feel it. Allow yourself to “drown” in the emotions and let the tears flow. Feel the cleansing rush as your soul soaks in the experience of what was…and prepares to welcome what is coming. 

If you have a lot of Fire in your chart… find a way to move the energy. Do a high-intensity workout or sport that’ll help you burn through the feelings you can’t ignore. Turn up your music and sweat it out.

And if you have a balance of these elements… pick one that speaks to you, or try them all!

It’s not too late to get more details about the Pisces Full Moon Energy in Astrology Hub’s Podcast Forecast with Stormie Grace! 

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Ep 043 – The Great House System Debate: Which One Should You Use? An Interview with Astrology Hub’s Master Astrologer, Donna Woodwell

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Does it seem like this Full Moon is touching more than one part of your life? 

It more than likely is! 

Knowing which houses will feel the flow of any transit helps you to look for the messages of the transit before, during, and after they occur. 

But which house system should you use when you are looking at your chart? 

It is one of the biggest debates and questions for new and seasoned Astrology Lovers! 

On the Podcast today Amanda & Master Astrology Donna Woodwell discuss why there are so many and what a few of the most popular reflect when you study your chart.


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