Astrology Hub Podcast Horoscope for the Week of September 16th – September 22nd

Stormie Grace’s Major Theme for the Week of August the: Teaching is learning.

I would really suggest that everybody take note of who is on your support team. This is a week of spiritual reality checks. – Stormie Grace

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Week of September 16th – September 22nd

Teaching is Learning… 

Ready to get REALLY clear on a dream you have? This week you’ll reflect on what you’ve learned since April—Saturn is waking up & will be checking your work before he levels you up! Finding the drive & clarity you need to see your way will begin to unfold. Expect to see the world and the role you play in a completely new way by the end of the week.
Tune in to hear what transits are stirring this week’s cosmic shifts & tips from Amanda & Stormie on how to make the most of them.

Advice from Amanda & Stormie

“In the past, I’ve thought to myself, “If going through this pain benefits one other person at some point and it helps them on their journey and helps them even avoid some of the pain that I’ve fallen into, it’s totally worth it.” If you’re in that place out there, remember you’ve been given an opportunity to teach and when you teach you to learn more about your experience .”

– Amanda Pua Walsh

“Remember we’re discussing the moon, this is your internal security, how you react, your reflections, your responses. Trust your intuition, trust your psychic sense. If it is telling you, try and do this differently, please do it.  Take the flashes of genius and information seriously. It’s this brilliant window of opportunity to acknowledge at this point in your journey what your dreams are, what your aspirations are, what’s the bigger dream in your world that allows you access to excitement and vitality. Dig into that.”

-Stormie Grace

Key Astrology Dates from this Lunations Inner Guide


*IC COSMIC UPDATE *IC Cosmic Update 9.18* Saturn direct 13 Capricorn A day that asks us to wake up to our responsibilities and ambitions. Faith without works is said to be dead, and with Saturn direct, what you feel is not nearly as important as what you demonstrate now. Sacrifices can reap big rewards now. Nadiya Shah

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