Ep 044 – The Astrology of Relationships, an Interview with Astrologer, Rick Levine

“In astrology, the only thing we get to change is our awareness. We don’t get the change in the future. We get to change our perception of the present moment often by reconstructing the past.– Rick Levine

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Ep 044 – The Astrology of Relationships, an Interview with Astrologer, Rick Levine

Have you ever met someone new and then looked up their chart to see if you’re compatible (or asked an astrologer to do this for you?) 

Or wondered about the likelihood of it “working out” with someone you’re in a relationship with?  

If you have, you’re certainly not alone!

These are some of the most frequently asked questions from novice and experienced astrology lovers alike…

And it’s true… so much helpful information can be revealed about our intimate relationships in the chart!

That’s why we’re so excited to welcome “The Merlin,” Rick Levine to an all-new episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast today. Rick is an internationally recognized astrologer and teacher with over 50 years of experience… 

I dare say no one knows how to look at simple Sun Sign placement as elegantly as Rick does… 

But today’s conversation goes way beyond the scope of Sun signs, as it dives into the heart of life here on the planet…

Relationships 💖

We talk about 4 astrological techniques that you can use to evaluate your compatibility with another person…

And why he believes 2020 will be the time for you to really reevaluate the limitations you put on yourself…

Especially in the realm of relationships! 

It’s juicy stuff!

Tune in to find out if your Venus and his Mars really matter…and what tools you can use to look deeper into the point where you and the other meet!

Favorite Quotes 

“Synastry is not indicative. You’ll never be able to tell whether a relationship will be successful. Partly because we don’t know what a successful relationship is. Many people confuse it with longevity. A successful relationship can be one that lasts weeks or months, whether it’s intimate or not because it does something that alters your life and creates some growth out of it. Although I don’t believe astrology can tell us whether a relationship will be successful or not. Then I have to say I have never encouraged or discouraged someone from being with someone else based upon synastry.”

– Rick Levine


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