Astrology Hub Podcast Horoscope for the Week of July 1st – July 7th

Donna Woodwell’s Major Theme/ Suggestion for the Week:  “Mostly Harmless …

The cosmos have given us built-in recovery time for that one event: Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday.” Donna Woodwell

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Week of July 1st – July 7th

This week is “Mostly Harmless”… Think of it as the Compassionate Cosmos building in a lot of recovery time for that one event: Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday.” –  Donna Woodwell
If you need to collaborate, Monday is a pivotal day to get a plan down! Tuesday the lights in the skies dim as we experience a Total Solar Eclipse, change has arrived!
Take the time to process as the week moves forward ~ it will help you prepare for the next transits of summer…
Tune in hear Donna & Amanda’s tips on how to use this energy to move in flow with your passions.

Advice from Amanda & Donna

” You know, Amanda, eclipse seasons always signified a change in some way when it contacts people’s charts, but we don’t always have to think of change as a negative thing. For everybody listening in, there’s a big change coming up that’s going to affect our Astrology Hub Podcast. I am very excited to be able to pass the baton to our next Astrologer who is going to be providing forecasts for all of us.”

– Donna Woodwell

“I love what you’re modeling because you’re saying, “Look, I need to be focusing my energy on the things that fill me up a hundred percent that I know are so aligned with who I am and what I’m here to do. And in order to do that, I’m going to have to let go of some things that I might like but aren’t like exactly that.” That’s really hard for all of us to do. I commend you for doing that and standing in your truth. ”

– Amanda Pua Walsh

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*IC COSMIC UPDATE  7.2* Moon conjunct Sun, 10 Cancer (Solar Eclipse) @12:16 pm PT* Only visible in South America. For most, simply a New Moon. With both luminaries in Cancer, the focus is on refreshing the emotional state. Let old hurts. xWade Caves

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