Astrology Hub Podcast Horoscope for the Week of July 15th – July 21st

Donna Woodwell’s Major Theme/ Suggestion for the Week: “It’s a strange week with the partial lunar eclipse and one of the longest Void of Course Moons for the entire year. Good advice for the week is to just breathe. If things get too emotionally entangled, take a moment of stillness and listen to the sound of your own breath and come back to center.”

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July 15th – July 21st

“Good advice for the week is… just breathe. If things get too emotionally entangled, take a moment of stillness and listen to the sound of your breath, and come back to center.” – Donna Woodwell
Monday, you may feel the urge to dive deep into your creative adventure! Tuesday there’s both a Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse. Work toward empowering, not imprisoning your emotions on this day. The end of the week takes on a new kind of strange–called quiet. A VERY long Void Moon finishes the week (plan ‘me time’). Expect sultry vibes across the weekend.
Tune in to hear tips on how to avoid “knee-jerk” reactions and how doing so can empower you.

Advice from Amanda & Donna

“The overnight hours between Thursday and Friday retrograde Mercury slips quietly backward into Cancer. He’ll spend the next few weeks cleaning up all the residuals from any of the emotional stuff that came up during that period of time. Any attachments you’ve been meaning to shed and just didn’t quite get around to it, guess what? You get a second chance, thanks to Mercury and his little retrograde. Give him some time to work his magic and you’ll come out on the other side feeling lighter and a little freer on into the weekend.”

– Donna Woodwell

“If you always go into this knee jerk, “okay, I got to fix it,” in your relationship or whatever’s happening, you’re just going to get the same results. Catching yourself and being like, “God, I always respond. I always react this way. What if I just don’t do that this time?” And just see what happens. You already know what you’re going to get the other way. May as well, like play a little game with it and see what happens.”

– Amanda Pua Walsh


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*IC COSMIC UPDATE  07.16 @ 2:38pm PT* Lunar Eclipse. The Sun is conjunct the fixed star Pollux: now’s the time to select what you want to live on. This Full Moon is about exploring the relationship between the material and spiritual: go for it! Wade Caves 

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