Astrology Hub Podcast Ep 35 – How Understanding the Dance of Venus & Mars Helps You Create More Intimacy In Your Life, an Interview with Living Sky Astrologer, Adam Gainsburg

“My soul is more interested in using my time here on the planet, to apply to more deeper transformational evolution kind of  Astrological considerations.” – Adam Gainsburg

What’s staring back at you?

The cosmic energies of this week have brought on a wave of reflection…

One powerful enough that hindsight, feeling present, and seeing your path ahead may seem almost surreal.

Whatever you’re seeing, you’re not seeing it for the first time—but perhaps you see it in a new light.

One of my biggest reflections has been on Astrology… reflecting on the many steps I’ve taken, the amazing people who’ve supported me, and where we are now with the Astrology Hub Podcast and Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle Membership has filled me with so much gratitude. 

In hindsight… 

I’m vocal about Astrology because I vividly remember what it was like NOT to know Astrology… how a Google Search would quickly lead to being overwhelmed.  

When you’re new to Astrology, it’s hard to understand why there are so many points of view.

The search for educated, well-practiced Astrologers that could teach Astrology from an objective, mind-opening standpoint began.

Near my home in Maui, then around the world, I was fortunate enough to find the caliber of Astrologers who offer all I sought and more!

I kept thinking if everyone could feel this inspired, this motivated—sense a ‘crown’ of permission to be who they are…how different our world would be. 

The desire to share what I found  lead to Summits, then The Global Eclipse Meditation Series 

The Inner Circle was born…

Courses were created.

And before the Astrology Hub Podcast, there was Astrology Hub TV 

So much growth, so many people inspired

And this week’s guest has been there from the beginning!

Astrology Hub Podcast Ep 35 – How Understanding the Dance of Venus & Mars Helps You Create More Intimacy In Your Life

Adam Gainsburg spoke at the First Summit & The Global Eclipse Meditation Series and was a guest on Astrology Hub TV. He also teaches Week 5 of our Eclipse Mastery Course: Nodes & Soul Healing.

[First Name], it’s almost month THIRTY TWO of the Inner Circle and our members have the gift of Adam Gainsburg as their guide for the August lunation & class titled Your Life Purpose & Your Venus Phase 

YOU have the gift of hearing why he’s so captivating and easy to learn from today!

Each guest on The Astrology Hub Podcast has a unique, and almost always unexpected beginning into their field. Astrologer Adam Gainsburg shares this trait along with a charismatic teaching style that reflects his passion and study around the cycles of Venus as well as the Living Sky. Adam has been a familiar face and voice around Astrology Hub since its foundational beginning.
Tune in to hear why our community of Astrology Lovers can not get enough of the teaching he offers! As well as a  peek into what he will be teaching the Inner Circle in a few short weeks!

Most memorable quote(s) from the show

“We’re so lucky to have you as our next inner circle guide. The last time, you were an Inner Circle guide. It was mind-blowing. People were having all kinds of deep transformative experiences. It was powerful. It’s so great to have you back. I know that there’s a big Venus-Mars theme happening next Lunar Cycle. Can you tell us what’s happening, why we should pay attention and what it means for us?

Amanda Pua Walsh

“This is Venus and Mars meeting in the underworld. What that means is Venus and Mars will not be in the sky. They’re entirely invisible. And by extension, we can extrapolate and say this is a cathartic meetup between the fundamental feminine and the fundamental masculine in collective human consciousness. And when this happens the most responsible thing is to never presume that we can control or direct or manipulate what’s going to happen. We need to instead put our energies towards being better vessels for it. This is happening at the collective level. When Venus and Mars meet up, there are sparks and incredible attraction. It can be breakups of things that you thought you were aligned with. It can be recommitting or restating one’s vows to one spouse.”

Adam Gainsburg

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