Astrology Hub Podcast Ep 034 – Astrology for Real Relationships – An Interview with Astrologer & Psychic Medium, Jessica Lanyadoo

“I like to bring inquiry to everything I do because it supports agency and free will, and ultimately those things support having a whole, well-embodied chart and life.” – Jessica Lanyadoo

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Astrology Hub Podcast Episode 34: Astrology for “Real” Relationships: An Interview with Astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo 

To have healthy boundaries, we must be self-referential. And to be self-referential means that we refer back to our felt experience. – Jessica Lanaydoo

The Podcast Episode this week: Astrology for “Real” Relationships: An Interview with Astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo 

Jessica’s viewpoint on relationship astrology may surprise you, but most assuredly will leave you with a sense of reflection! 

Jessica speaks about the biggest mistake made, where the focus is…on the ‘other.’

We do this to avoid pain…

She brings the idea that there are two kinds of pain, the type that heals & the kind that breaks us down. 

Identifying the difference, and investing in the healing instead of the destroying type of pain is a powerful tool.

One that can help you connect with a keyword for Capricorn integrity!

Tune in today to find out…
    • What she means by “real” relationships.
    • Why she can’t remember the details of her intimate partner’s chart.
    • Why she rarely does synastry readings.
    • And why she says parents looking at their children’s charts should proceed with the most caution!

Most memorable quote(s) from the show

“I remember being in college and taking human sexuality, 800 students at UC Santa Barbara in this big theater. It was taught by a husband and wife, the Baldwins – both professors and writers who traveled the world and had chosen not to have children. They were the first people that I had been exposed to who were like, “You know, you don’t have to get married. You don’t have to have children. Even if you do get married, you don’t have to have children.”  I remember thinking “Oh wow. Oh my gosh. Yeah, that’s true.” I did choose to have children because it actually felt like I  was meant to have them and is part of my path, but it did feel like a choice. Whereas before I was on that highway to of course you do. Like what else did you do? 

Amanda Pua Walsh

“When we focus on the other person, you’re basically saying, “I’m not going to take responsibility for my choices. I’m going to only choose things or act in ways that are conditional.” Whenever people ask me, “Will so-in-so come back to me?” My first question is always, “Is that gonna make your life better? Is that good for you?” A lot of what we’re doing in life trying to avoid pain because being a person is painful. I’m not interested in helping people avoid pain. I see that there’s two kinds of pain. There’s the kind of pain that helps us heal and there’s a kind of pain that destroys us and breaks us down. I am interested in helping people to identify the difference so that they can not recoil from the pain that helps us heal but not invest in the payment breaks us down.”

Jessica Lanyadoo


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  1. Steph on July 14, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    I absolutely LOVED this podcast. Jessica’s observation about being self referential with regard to relationships in life is crucial for MY personal growth, especially in terms of taking responsibility for my choices and I so appreciate that she incorporates this into the way that she works with astrology clients. I have to admit – I too have looked at my husband and children’s charts and felt stuck and she so beautifully articulated why its really difficult to look at family member’s charts objectively, and that it first begins with ME. From now on, when I work with my personal astrologer will approach the reading taking these crucial observations into account. Thank you both for this enlightening and helpful discussion.

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