Astrology Hub Podcast Horoscope for the Week of July 22nd – July 27th

Donna Woodwell’s Major Theme for This Week: Fire Dancing 

“We have to start talking about our relationship to things that are powerful & fiery or wild—what can and can’t be tamed.” – Donna Woodwell

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Week of July 22nd – July 27th

Wrapping up old stories or projects is the key to Monday—you’ll want to have a clear space as the week moves onward. Tuesday is ‘blessed by fire’…. that is if you respect the fiery power of creativity & choose not to expand too quickly. (Can we say explosion?).
If you choose caution, the week will feel less intense as progressive energies face-off with responsibility and current structure. Ready or not, your comfort zones will be tested!
Tune in to hear how fire teaches an unexpected yet obvious lesson!

Advice from Amanda & Donna

“Fire and passion are closely aligned for a reason. So you could substitute passion in that sentence. Can we take the passion and dance with it elegantly? In essence, fire is the element that gives us life. It heats us up from the inside. It’s our passion, it’s our sexuality. It’s that which transforms and transmutes what we do and when we don’t have enough of it, we feel stuck. We feel sludgy. I think it’s a great thing to consider. We’re in fire season right now, so let’s all learn how to dance with it.”

– Donna Woodwell

“I’ve actually had the “walking on fire” experience where you walk across coals on the fire. One of the keys to doing this and not getting burned is telling yourself that you can. One time, I started walking across and I changed my mind and decided to go back, that was when I got burned. Anytime I had confidence in myself and I was telling myself I could do it I wasn’t burned. There’s the saying “if you play with fire you’re bound to get burned.” But as you mentioned, you have to respect the force and take the element of fire, the power, the passion, and dance with it elegantly and beautifully.”

– Amanda Pua Walsh


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*IC COSMIC UPDATE  07.25* Mars trine Jupiter @ 5:22am PT Heat and fire, at your disposal! Find the energy and enthusiasm in this aspect to tackle the thing you’ve been holding onto. Involve others, laugh! This aspect is meant to be lived OUT LOUD! – Wade Caves

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