Shame Triggers and Rephrasing our Astrology in the Modern Age

An Interview with QueerCosmos Author & Astrologer, Colin Bedell

I’m thrilled to bring you today’s episode, and even more thrilled that our guest Colin said he felt he could be his whole self in our interview… before he jumped on the call he wasn’t sure if that was going to happen!!!

He thanked ME for that but I really believe the thank you belongs to you.

We have such an incredible, warm, open and embracing community at Astrology Hub. You’re curious instead of judgmental which makes this a safe space for all of us.

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This Week’s Luminary is Colin Bedell

Colin is an extraordinary astrologer whose work explores how we can be inclusive around unique gender and sexual identities, creating community for people who feel limited, restricted, or left out of the mainstream conversations in astrology.

If you have ever…
  • Thought some of the binary categories of traditional astrology don’t fully land for you as “the truth…”
  • Felt drawn to astrology but wondered if there could be more flexibility in some of the interpretations of the planets and placements and what it all means…

You are going to LOVE today’s episode with Colin Bedell.


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