Fall or Exaltation, When Does Astrological Terminology Become a Detriment

An Interview with Astrologer, Chris Brennan

Today I'm honored to speak with Chris Brennan about Ancient Astrology and how it can be so incredibly clarifying to look at what Astrologers were doing 2000 years ago in the Hellenistic traditions.

Chris is a specialist in cross comparing different astrological traditions and he has a broad depth of knowledge in Hellenistic, Indian, and Medieval Astrology. Though he mostly focuses on Hellenistic at this point in his career.

He's even written a book on this topic that came out in 2017 called Hellenistic Astrology, The Study of Fate and Fortune, and this book is quite the masterpiece.

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This Week’s Luminary is Chris Brennan

In today's episode…

  • We're diving into how and why Natal Astrology reveals our connection to great levels of purpose and meaning. 
  • Chris is going to share what's been lost throughout time within Astrology and what is still the same.
  • Chris also reveals his refreshing perspective on the houses and quadrants.

This episode will also give you a brand new perspective on what we sometimes experience as quote-unquote negative placements for signs like Scorpio or Mars and Cancer. Chris doesn't see these as negative at all, which is great because we never want astrology to shame anyone with these placements, but instead to see and experience the gift and lesson in it all. 

If you're ready to clear up confusing concepts in your study of Astrology or if you're an Astrologer who would like to deliver readings and information in a way that is super clear to your clients, you're going to love this dynamic conversation with our guest, Chris Brennan.


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  1. Beth O Leary on March 3, 2020 at 1:53 pm

    Loved this podcast!!! And how Chris identified issues that can come up for us around language!! Also, the night time/ day time consideration–such a simple concept that can help us delve deeper or help us clearer discoveries– THANK YOU!

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