Working with the Moon and its Phases for Manifesting Your Desires

An Interview with Astrologer, Bronwyn Simons

If you’ve been looking for answers from Astrology on things like…

When to start new projects.

When to release things that are past their expiration date in your life.

When to finish or bring things to completion, whether that’s a new project, business, career move or relationship.

Your answer is in the sky. Time your actions with the Moon and you’ll find the right direction.

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This Week’s Luminary is Bronwyn Simons

Bronwyn is a professional Astrologer and a founding member of Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle member. She lives on beautiful Vancouver Island and refers to herself as a practicing Buddhist, a retired belly dancer, a proud mom, a happy spouse, and an artist, feminists. All of these aspects of herself weave into her astrology practice where she’s focused on the story of your soul.

Today’s episode with Bronwyn is going to deep dive into…

  • Why the Moon cycles are so important.
  • Why there’s no better place to start learning more about Astrology than to study the Moon phases
  • How the Moon can give us insight into every other planet and experience this in an emotional and visceral way.

Bronwyn is inviting you into the magic of the moon so you can co-create magic in your life.

Trust me when I say this magic will communicate with you and then deep and profound and practical way. All you have to do is enter the conversation with the Moon and you’re about to discover how.

Let’s give our full attention to Bronwyn and start to tune our lives to the movement of the moon.


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