The 12th House

About the 12th House

The Twelfth House has been called the “house of hidden things” – it’s also the House of Saturn.  

Saturn sets limits and boundaries, all those set apart. The hospitals, jails, and monasteries. But also going on retreat or sabbatical. You could even call it the house of taking a break from social media, too.


12th House Astrology Keywords

People: People in hospitals, people in monasteries, inmates, oppressed peoples, hermits, hidden enemies

Places: placement of confinement or separated from the outer world such as hospitals, jails, and monasteries, inaccessible places, foreign places, the internet

Things: Enslavement, confinement, what’s hidden, foreign places, solitude

Modern & Hellenistic Astrology’s Planetary and Zodiac Correlations 

There is often confusion as you go deeper into the symbolism of the Astrological houses for there are a plethora of approaches to interpreting them. Modern Astrologers commonly refer to the “Natural House System” opposed to the ancient Hellenistic Astrological approach of using what are called the “Planetary Joys”. To learn more about the nuances and details of the Twelve Astrological Houses click here.

Natural House (Traditional): Jupiter

Natural House (Modern): Neptune

Natural House Zodiac Sign (Modern): Pisces

Planetary Joy (Hellenistic): Saturn

Ancient name (Hellenistic): Place of “Bad Spirit”

Mode/Quadrant: Cadent (last)

Sample Questions Answered by the 12th House

  • How do I explore what is hidden from me?
  • Where and how do I retreat from the world?
  • What have been mystical experiences for me?
  • How do I seek to transcend myself?
  • How do I deceive myself?
  • How and when do I sabotage myself?


  1. Kara on April 22, 2021 at 10:44 pm

    The twelfth house is actually ruled by Neptune, not Saturn

  2. change? Bryan on July 8, 2021 at 12:49 pm

    I thought 12 House was ruled by Neptune. If that’s true, how would the narrative chane?

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