Get Your Astrological “Medicine” for the Week!

[Cosmic Insider] Get your astrological “medicine” for the week!


I’m always so honored when we get to feature living astrological legends on the Astrology Hub Podcast…


And this week’s weekly weather is definitely one of those times!


Judith Hill is a world-renowned Medical & Vocational Astrologer and one of the best in the field.


Her guidance on the Weekly Weather is practical, fun and SO helpful! I’ll let the comments speak for themselves…


Judith Hill

Cosmic Insider


You’ll want to check out the full episode here to see what everyone is raving about for yourself.


I especially loved Judith’s answer to my question toward the end, “Why and how does astrology actually work?”


Her explanations were profound.


I hope you enjoy your weekly dose of astrological medicine, and that you have a smooth transition into a very new dynamic this week.


In gratitude,



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