We’ve got a Big Week coming…

[Cosmic Insider] We’ve got a Big Week ahead…


We’ve got a big week ahead.


While it starts with a “potent and powerful” New Moon in Cancer today, the Mars square to Pluto on Friday takes the spotlight this week on the Astrology Hub Podcast…


On the Weekly Weather, Rick Levine says it is “arguably the most intense aspect of the summer” and an important turning point involving deep power struggles, disintegration and deconstruction.


And on Horoscope Highlights, upcoming Inner Circle Astrologer Christopher Renstrom calls Mars square Pluto “a very significant and definitive power struggle.”


Christopher says: “Pluto is the planet of ordeals and the transformation that arises from them. So, you don’t get your transformation without going down into the underworld first. And going down into the underworld is always an ordeal.”


As we move through this intense transit, Christopher asks you to think about where you were in 2008/2009 (when Pluto entered Capricorn) and where you are now (as Pluto exits Capricorn).


What are the ordeals you went through since then? And what are the transformations that arose from them?


I invite you to reflect on this as we move into the coming Astrology (Hint: Rick says July is a “huge month”) so that you can appreciate how resilient you really are.


And if you're interested in joining a community of Astrology lovers to be your cosmic support group as we move through the intense months ahead, then I’d love for you to check out the Inner Circle.


As an Inner Circle member, you'll have access to these master astrologers as 2022 continues to unfold.


You’ll deep dive into each New and Full Moon, plus learn the mastered chart techniques of 12 different Astrologers. And here’s what 2020 Inner Circle Astrologer Rick Levine said about that: 


“To be able to do that throughout the year, through 12 different sets of eyes… I think it was Marcel Proust who once wrote that the only true journey is seeing the same place through many different eyes, and that’s what the Inner Circle gives you the advantage of.


You can learn more about the Inner Circle and all the perks of membership here.


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