Astrological & Psychic Predictions for the Year Ahead

[Cosmic Insider] Astrological & Psychic Predictions for the Year Ahead


I remember a time when I lumped being a “psychic” in the same category as being an astrologer…


I’ve since learned that not all psychic’s know astrology and not all astrologers consider themselves psychic…


But they definitely CAN be a very complimentary pair!


This week, I had the pleasure of talking with Psychic Dallisa Hocking and Astrologer Jamie Magee all about this intersection of psychic/intuitive abilities and Astrology.


And this dynamic duo even demonstrated the power of this combo by sharing their predictions for the rest of 2022 from both an Astrological and Psychic perspective!


Dalissa gave her psychic predictions for the year ahead as it relates to real estate, inflation and food shortages and Jamie gave a rundown for each zodiac sign, adding a more personalized Astrological insight.


Tune in to the episode to see what they had to say here!


And if you love what Jamie and Dalissa have to share in this episode…


You’ll want to check out their workshop happening July 21 focused on the “superpower” your Sun Sign offers for manifestation and growth. 


This workshop is perfect for beginners and anyone interested in using astrology to bring more of what they want into their lives.


Grab your seat here.


It’s been a juicy week of stellar shows and I’m grateful to get to share them with you!


With love,



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