Astrology This Week: Aligning with the Aries North Node

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How to Harness the Power of the 2023 Eclipses

Amanda Walsh and Andrea Michelle Kennedy talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌔 How the North Node in Aries influences your decision-making process, urging you to break free from habitual patterns and step into a realm of conscious, empowered choices,
🌕 About the ending phase of Mercury retrograde, offering a fresh perspective and the green light to proceed with plans that were previously on hold,
🌖 Ways to navigate potential conflicts during the Moon and Mars transit, encouraging a shift in reaction patterns and fostering growth through understanding and empathy.

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Andrea Michelle: [00:00:00] if we are using Eris on the North Node in a coherent we may decide to use any energy that's being triggered in us to choose differently than before.

the one who's normally meek, standing up for themselves, the one who's normally aggressive, being generous and allowing the other party to have the last This is the path.

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Amanda: hello everybody and welcome. You have just joined an astrological conversation that is worldwide and happening here every single week. If you're new here, welcome, please hit the subscribe button and the notification bell, and feel free to dive into all of the videos that we have here on this channel.

There's so much amazing astrological [00:01:00] content here for you. For those of you who tune in regularly, thank you your support and participation, your likes, and your shares. They enable us to get the wisdom of astrology out to more people. And for this, we are super grateful. All right. So today we're going to be talking about the astrology of September 11th through the 17th with the amazing and incredible and beautiful and soulful and wise astrologer, Andrea Michelle Kennedy.

Andrea Michelle is one of the astrologers on our Astrologer Connect reading platform. If you love her, Head on over to astrologyhub. com slash connect, book a reading, get her wisdom applied directly to you and your life. Before we dive in, I just want to make sure that you know that we are in full swing on our health, wealth, and fulfillment workshop series.

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Theme of the Week

Amanda: Okay, so Andre and Michelle, what's happening this week? What are the major themes that we're going to be navigating?

Andrea Michelle: Awesome. Well, the, the logline theme for the week is wherever you are, that's your path. Another way of saying it, whatever is happening, that's your path. Okay. In relationship to two of the main things.

One, the North node is still in Aries, [00:03:00] right? And it's kissing, one way of looking at it, Eris. Eris. Is the, the North note has been dancing ever since it went with Eris, who is at 25 but it's now applying to Eris and she's the goddess of discord, which we're going to get into in a minute but discord literally means apart from the heart.

Is apart and cord comes from coeur, which is French or Latin from heart, for heart. So where we are apart from our heart is where Aries wants to show us so that we can come back to it over and over. And with Aries, it's always about the moment. What's here? What's now? What's next? What am I choosing?

What am I is why so many people are having a hard time. So many clients that see me are like, I have no idea what's going on. I don't know where I was yesterday or where I'm going tomorrow. [00:04:00] give me some, some idea. And the good news is, this is a rewiring and a reworking for all of us collectively.

But it does demand our attention. It demands that we really come into more of the presence. And less, as we were talking about earlier, Amanda, like, not as much time to process intellectually the way we're used to. the good news of that is it allows us to see how, even when our responses and our traumas and our reactions are showing up, I'm still here.

I'm still here. I am still here. That is the resilience. It's trying to knock down any places where we have to rely on our old safeties to know who we are. This period of like, I don't know who I am and who I'm becoming yet. Is helping to foster us in a sense of inner resiliency and inner [00:05:00] stability in trusting ourselves in the moment.

And the other energy that is wherever you are, that's on your path is the Mercury retrograde Mercury having been in its sign of domicile and exaltation. Virgo. Mercury is so happy here. So, these energies are the two main reasons why I'm talking about wherever you are, that's your path.

Which is a truth. It's not just this week, it's all the time, right? The journey is the path, or the destination is not the important thing, it's the journey. We hear that all the time. But with Eris and the North Node, and with this Mercury retrograde, especially with the star that it comes, in alignment with, This is the main themes, so.


Amanda: that was a lot of incredible information right there. I feel like there was so many different, like, tendrils in there. So basically what you're saying is that, Eris [00:06:00] is with the North Node, and Eris, the, the actual, we always hear about the goddess of discord, right? But the word discord, you just decoded for us as a way or a part from the heart.

So we're being shown all the ways that we've been living apart from our heart. And with it being with the north node, are you thinking that that's basically like in order to get aligned with our paths, we need to get aligned with our

Andrea Michelle: heart? Yes. And the path, because it's Aries, it's showing us the path is what's here.

Like, To not know how available are we open is the question to letting our path self arise in every moment. Letting the choices Aries that I'm making now that be determining what my future path is not something that I got from a download from an ascended master or not something that my ayahuasca ceremony five years ago told me would be my path [00:07:00] or not what I even thought my astrology told me was my path.

But literally things are shifting so rapidly right now. That the only reliable source of our path is my heart is what is happening right now in my moment to show me because that's what, and it's not going to be anything other than an encouragement or a, a substantiation of my natal chart. Because even if we don't have Aries North node, it's still asking us wherever Aries is in our chart.

It's asking us where we're choosing. What are we choosing? What have we been choosing that is not in alignment with who I actually am? That's just been a deferment or a default to my safeties. And where am I bigger than? More than? My heart can encompass more of me than my safety Hmm.

Amanda: Yeah, you also brought up this overwhelm that people are experiencing your [00:08:00] clients that are coming to you and just saying, Oh my God, it's, it's, it's like, we're, there's one thing after the next, after the next, after the next.

And there's not that time that maybe we've, we've had in, in, in the past to actually like, process or integrate what's happening. But what I heard you say, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that we actually don't need it the same way that we used to. That there is a different way for us to actually

Andrea Michelle: um, move through the

Amanda: world where we don't have to be like wiped out for a period of time as we're integrating and processing a trauma.

Is that, is that true?

Andrea Michelle: And is that? That's awesome. It's also In a sense, yes, but it's going to be different for everybody depending on their wiring. So, because. Aries is so much about, is much about choice as it is about doing. I know we've talked about this before. They're both actionable. Doing is one way of, of[00:09:00] doing an action, but choosing.

So it can be just, am I choosing rest If I'm someone who's constantly like a type A going, going, going, maybe the next choice, the new choice for me is to rest. If I'm someone who's too sedentary, if I really kind of wait for life to invite me with a beautiful hand invitation, and even then I need it to come from five different places, maybe it's time to just get up and do.

So it really depends. It's all about the choice. It's like showing us, in a sense, what we've been choosing by default. And that's accelerating. And it's hard. It's challenging because it's asking us. with what's present

Amanda: how do we do this? Andrea, like, how do we have a plan that do we have a plan?

I mean, like if people are looking out and they're like, well, this is great. No, but like, I can't move through my life that way. I can't be like, well, [00:10:00] what is my heart telling me now? And then what is my heart telling me now? How do we actually like, is there a path? Is there a way to, to do this? And have some sort

Andrea Michelle: of idea of where we're going.

Andrea Michelle: The North Node. Ah. In our charts, the way that I work, now other astrologers would say something different, but as an astrologer who works in the evolutionary astrology model, for me, the nodal axis is what shows us where we're coming from, from our safety, South Node, where we want to have more experiences to help balance out.

Our gifts and what we're habituated to as safety via our south node and even the moon. So the north node energies in our chart and its dispositor is where we want to have more experiences to really again bring us into more of a coherence. Because then [00:11:00] we are more of a full spectrum, because the nodal axis opposite.

It's a spectrum, both energies on either side of the nodes are of the same essence. There are different expressions That's super

Amanda: helpful. That's great. Yes. Okay. So, look to the north node. That's what's going to give you some idea of of, well, look to the south node to see where you're habituated. And where you may be just doing things the way you've always done because you're, you're Wired that way, and it's comfortable and look to the north node for clues and indicators in these kinds of decisions that you're having to make right now, because you also mentioned mercury retrograde ending.

And so are we now, like, if we've been sort of stalling or, or not making decisions because we wanted to use the mercury retrograde time to really get clear. Is this the week where we're going to be actually moving things forward, or how do you see [00:12:00] that?

Andrea Michelle: Great question. I will speak to that when, when we get to that place in in the, in the week, because that doesn't happen until Friday.

But I just wanted was getting excited around Eris and the North Node. And that was more of a general sense of what this energy is. Now, again, the North Node for each of us is different, but it's just, it's about choice. It's about the instability that chaos and discord brings. But the evolutionary purpose, as you beautifully pointed out, the fact that she's with the North Node, not the South Node, is this is an opportunity to choose into the in the present.

What we choose in the present dictates our path in the It dictates what kind of karma we bring to ourselves the choices we make now are all in service to who we are

Amanda: Amazing.

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Day to Day Breakdown

Amanda: All right, let's go into the weekly breakdown. I mean, I'm sorry, the daily breakdown. Daily breakdown.

Andrea Michelle: Yes. So Monday, September 11th, we have the moon sextiling Mars and Libra before applying to Venus and Juno at 13 Mars and Leo is not, Mars and Libra, is not the most comfortable position for Mars to So there may be a tendency to perseverate on things that irritate making it easy to find fault and blame. Now, Juno is moving very, very closely in proximity to Venus since [00:15:00] the 9th of September, all the way through October 6 by latitude as well as longitude. So if you were to look at them in the sky, they would be together. Not just by longitude, you know, the same degree on the Zodiac, but not necessarily the same degree in the sky.

So there's a real collaboration between Juno and Venus in the sky. So, their exact conjunction was on the 9th, and they are so much more, their effect on one another is palpable. Juno has some Leonine qualities to her, a lot of them. She's the sovereign with Juno, She's also, she's the queen.

So there's a sense of entitlement. There's a sense of being owed. There's a sense of needing to be seen. She also has, too much of a diversion, but themes of jealousy or betrayal or narcissistic [00:16:00] neediness are things to look out for over the course of As is the entire Venus cycle, but but these are ways we can meet our feelings of unworthiness because that's the only way that, that these narcissistic tendencies, jealousy and betrayal come, come around is that we feel that we are unworthy, So, where we discover we are, this is a good day to discover or feel where we are needing to be validated by others.

As we develop a stronger inner compass, which allows more room for our literally our heart light to grow. So as Eris and the North Node is showing us what we've been apart from our heart, we can just keep coming back. returning and seeing where we are available to be more of the sovereign of my own life.

Sovereign of my own choices. And where I, and sometimes we have to feel part of the [00:17:00] human experience is we have to The choices that we've made in the past before we can really make new choices from a clean place. We have to compost and be available to meet the choices that we made in the past. We don't they are, but just the, situating in ourselves, no matter what's happening, it, it undermines that part of our ego that says, I'm not going to survive X, Y, and I'm still here. I'm still breathing. still get out of bed in the morning. There is more of me than I told me that there holding me in places I didn't even know that I was This is the blessing for me whole cycle of the North Node going especially But this day on Monday, Venus and Juno,

how are we [00:18:00] in relationship how can we come back together and pair and partner with our hearts? Personality and what's beyond the personality, both of them So, the natural releasing energy of this balsamic moon assists us in moving with the release Though we do have Ceres hugging the south node in Libra, so there may be some lingering attachments where needing to be right, vindicated, or owed takes precedence of release.

We're in Virgo Humility is one of the strengths Coming back to the basics, the foundation. humility So Sun Quincunx Chiron, to that day, this today we may have a tendency to focus on our suffering, whereas the moon squaring Jupiter retrograde might be just the kick we need to just do it already.

Just let go. Who am I without my suffering [00:19:00] is something that we a lot, a lot of us unconsciously orient to who we are by how much we suffer, but what we don't have, where can we So Tuesday, September 12th. The moon touches Black Moon Lilith, the true Black which is the wild card, right, at 21 and then is squaring Uranus retrograde.

we might need to get clearer on where we have shored up what's safe and clung to what seems stable, versus allowing ourselves to be guided by our greater being that knows more about what we truly need than our minds can fathom or we have Wednesday, September The moon… The Virgo moon opposes Saturn retrograde and then conjuncts Mercury with both in loose opposition, [00:20:00] opposition with Saturn. So Mercury has been retrograde in his own domicile of Virgo and exaltation since August 23rd when he stationed retrograde at 21 Virgo on a star called Denebola.

Denebola is the tale of the lion with, Murky was with Pallas Athena at the Remember, this is a heavy balsamic moon, so it's a good time to continue shedding, undoing any tendencies to self sacrifice or to take on too much responsibility to poor boundaries.

Because that's Virgo. As these can fuel resentment for not being appreciated, validated. All those things is also continuing the theme or invitation of to track what's happening because mercury retrograde. It's our mind. It's like it's looping. It's like it's a welcome [00:21:00] respite.

If we want it to to not have to track every little thing. Where can I give myself rest to receive Just receive what I've already done, what I've already started, just to allow it to settle in. So it's release of needing to track what's happened, to release the heavy burden of our minds and incessant thoughts.

There's a Jung quote that I really wanted to share because it came up as I was preparing for this and it seems very relevant. Because it is difficult to withstand the emptiness, intuitives very often have feelings of inferiority. they realize that the emptiness is fullness, to bear.

They would not have these feelings of inferiority and accordingly would avoid the compensatory inflation. The emptiness is an unperceived abundance, a fullness of possibilities, but it creates an unpleasant [00:22:00] feeling, and then intuitives often overfill life with activity in order to numb that fear because they fear the possibilities that lie in the depths.

It is part of the human condition right now for all of us to fear what we in the space. really a fullness waiting to mined, through just the resting, relaxing, again, So Thursday, September 14th, moon trines retrograde Jupiter before it quincunxes Chiron and swan dives into the sun for the new moon.

And I talk about swan diving because I looked at it. In the sky view and the moon is very close to the sun. Not every conjunction is the moon really that close to the sun again by longitude. Yes, but not necessarily by latitude. This moon is actually pretty close to the sun. So [00:23:00] it's going to be that much more intense.

incurs, it occurs Thursday evening Pacific time and early Friday morning So the moon is closed by sun, to again, as I mentioned, mentioned, so it can be more visceral, this new The new moon is at 22 Virgo on Denebola, Denebola in the tale of a lion represents diversions to the true path of fulfillment.

And remember that's where Mercury stationed retrograde. So Mercury in Virgo making a loop retrograde is showing us. A diversion. Now, diversions can be very good things, right? To me, this is an invitation to acknowledge how far afield we go to try and fix ourselves. We look anywhere and everywhere, except directly and plainly, at what's right We suffer for a variety of reasons on the surface, but ultimately it all comes down to how [00:24:00] much we are avoiding meeting without our hopes, and projections. Because the moon is also opposite Neptune. And face the inevitability of change. So Virgo can an intensification of suffering when we forget that it's intimacy, that it has a natural affinity, Virgo, with the natural cycles and rhythms of life.

Just like The moon the fastest moving object. forget the nature of life is when we get stuck in this creates a back around with the So Friday the 15th. Mercury's direct at 8 Virgo at 121 p. m. So the station retrograde was on Denebola and Pallas one of her manifestations the goddess of the path, our feminine So the [00:25:00] sun today is with Denebola, accentuating showing us the true path.

Again, the sun is our solar nature, the star at the heart of our lives, our center, our hearts. for those with the courage to be humble, sun in, taking responsibility for myself and my choices the foundation of and everything else arises from So this ties back What am I can only, am I taking on too much responsibility? That's where a lot of the see that in a lot of my they're, they're, they're feeling the results of taking on too Taking on more than they might have been capable to handle, which we have to self regulate the coherence of our natural wisdom, which unless we stop and slow down [00:26:00] and allow for the review and retrograde take advantage of them we won't have access to.

We'll keep perseverating. trying to work that problem until it's, and it just creates more anxiety. Mercury is showing us, in my opinion, that diversions aren't the problem. It's are we making ourselves wrong about or are we giving ourselves permission to learn from them?

Mercury. Sometimes we need to start with simply forgiving ourselves and how harshly we can judge And also sometimes a diversion from what I tell myself is the path. Like if I'm, if I'm moving along and I'm telling myself I'm doing my purpose, but something keeps coming or multiple things keep coming to undermine that.

Am I willing to stop and be like, wow, maybe there's something [00:27:00] here. Maybe what I thought was my path, do I have the humility to say, maybe there is something else for me. Or maybe if I've been diverted from my path for a while into something else and I'm angry or resentful and I come back and I realize, well, I learned a lot from that diversion.

And there's actually a lot more of my energy and vitality and excitement in it than I thought there was, but I didn't recognize it as my This is what the mercury retrograde is another opportunity to be like diversions are not the problem It's how are we making use of And again for every person unique How we how we manifest or make use diversion something I like to do keep myself distracted Or is a diversion necessary if I'm the kind of person who's like, I need to get this done, I need to focus and the diversion is to like, give me some [00:28:00] room to make literally breathing room for something new to show up and make itself known to my the forgiveness, especially with Virgo, because we can be very hard on ourselves really accentuate where I'm not enough, or where the diversion was wrong, but where can we make the room for it to just be a learning Just simply and honestly, nakedly So, Pallas Athena is also at Zero Libra, Square Vesta at Zero Cancer on Friday When Mercury stations retrograde. Again, Pallas Athena, so much more, but the goddess of our path, discovering our path. Vesta. Are we trying to be responsible for the social arena? Because she's also very much affiliated with social causes, especially social justice.

[00:29:00] So where are we trying to be responsible in the social arena before we clean our own house? Square Vesta, So this is a good day to really discover where we can devote our attention to self care, self honoring, and allow others to do . So, Saturday, September 16th. The Libra moon flies to Mars by conjunction before sextiling Venus and Juno and Leo. Am I my own worst enemy? A question to bring to consciousness lunation.

Do I treat myself as an ally or an enemy? Do I hold people as either with me or against me, with no in So where am I life, others, myself, black and white? One or the other.

the general gist. Sunday, September 17th probably the most challenging [00:30:00] because Black Moon Lilith will be with who's still at eight degrees So this can be a day to watch out for negativity creeping into your thoughts, the self doubt, the deficiency.

The second guessing, the shaming, it can also invite a bit of mental disorientation, accentuating the mercury retrograde qualities of disorientation, can be a sort of inner So if this happens, if the latter is more your experience, see if you can simply allow it for as long as it lasts and trust yourself that you have you even when you can't Literally, take stock, and this sounds so simple, but sometimes the most the most direct, are the ones that cut off our habits of trying to overcomplicate, trying to grab back onto something. Can we just come back to the breath? Can we [00:31:00] just come back to the lungs? Literally, I'm breathing.

I'm terrified right now. I don't know what the next step is and yet I'm alive and yet I'm breathing and yet my body knows what it's doing. My body is keeping me alive. I don't have to work hard to keep me alive. This basic truth,

Aries, what's here, right now, I'm, I'm, I'm alive. I'm grateful for my, my ability to be alive and stay to whatever extent I can in my So, again, The mental disorientation is another invitation to just see if you can rest and receive everything you've just experienced through this whole mercury retrograde period to really have it come into the body virgo so that it stays not just in the mind in the body[00:32:00] so the libra moon also opposes chiron before meeting up with the south node and opposing the north node and eris so moon is activating that raw nerve that is chiron and Almost together.

They're coming closer together, in that podcast that we did on the Aries, uh, and Libra, the nodal shift where I spoke specifically about Eris and Chiron in that might be a good thing for as well. So, on the south node, which is where the the south node is, again, another way of saying it, as we spoke about before, kind of the lowest common denominator of the sine It's the basic kind of like, it tends to have a shadow element, not negative, but just kind of like, again, the lowest common denominator, like the default, not necessarily conscious, the most conscious expressions So for Libra, what would that be? to other automatically or [00:33:00] being nice or doing what's appropriate, creating harmony when things really kind of need to still be worked out.

Where am I? Making it about being right or wrong. Where am I wanting to see the beauty of something? Or basically, dress something up and make it nice when there's really something else to attend to here. When there's really more of a raw, real, not everything is kosher kind of These are just some So the moon on the south node here, and Mars still in can be a day where we may pick fights. or seem to be the recipient of someone wanting to pick a fight with us. if we are using Eris on the North Node in a coherent we may decide to use any energy that's being triggered in us to choose differently than before.

So again, if we are usually a meek person, [00:34:00] this might be a good day to stand up for ourselves. If we are someone who is normally combat combative, and will stand up to any fight, This might be a good time to choose to just back down, going against our own grain, going against our own habits, even if it doesn't feel good, initially, again, that Juno, and, Venus, that Leo, that self righteous, what do you mean, don't talk to me that way, whatever, that can be that energy.

Where can I just give it some and be my own sovereign and recognize I don't have to take it personally. I have more room to make the up level my into something that might not be comfortable, but might be more honest with what or an investment in my path investment in the future me that I want to see [00:35:00] Again, the one who's normally meek, standing up for themselves, the one who's normally aggressive, being generous and allowing the other party to have the last This is the path.

Diversions from Mercury Retrograde

Amanda: All right. So you brought up a few things.

I would love to ask a couple questions. You talked about the diversions that might have presented themselves during the Mercury retrograde period. Which started in August, August 23rd, right? And that they're not necessarily the problem that they, they may be actually pointing in a direction of where we, we might be wanting to put more energy.


Andrea Michelle: example, yes. How do we

Amanda: know? Like, how do we know if is there anything in the chart that helps us be clear about whether or not that diversion is actually something we [00:36:00] need to go towards? Or is it something that we're using to like not

Andrea Michelle: be on our path? There could be. And I would say it's the direct experience.

That's Aries North Node 2 for all of us. Do I get excited? Am I suppressing an excitement about something because it's the wrong, I, I've, I've pigeonholed it as wrong or a diversion and where can I give myself more space to actually recognize that this diversion gosh, I'm actually excited about I'm a little scared because it's not something I thought about, but really this is where more of my, if I'm really honest with This is where my heart's really aligned right now or, or lighting me up now. This is where I feel juiced. This is where I feel like, wow, there's something here for to investigate.

This is the trusting of the heart that droning on about. It's like my own [00:37:00] experience is what teaches me and my own experience when it's authentic will always correlate with our natal chart because it is our wiring and the natal chart is ultimately in service to us being More of who we are, not just knowing who are, who we are, it's how much am I living and actualizing that Eris and Aries North Hmm.

How to Forgive Yourself

Amanda: Okay. You mentioned the importance of forgiveness in this process, like forgiving ourselves.

Andrea Michelle: Um,

Amanda: for not being where we think we should be or not doing what we think we should do or

Andrea Michelle: all those things. How do you, how

Amanda: do you recommend to clients that they forgive themselves? You know, like, how, like, how do you actually forgive yourself?

Andrea Michelle: For me, oftentimes my, I can just say my own[00:38:00] Sometimes it requires, first of all, I have to slow down. Second of all, I have to feel where that energy is. Of what I'm doing to and sometimes it'll bring up grief. Sometimes it'll bring up anger, but it's still wrong. It's not the right thing you know, where am I insisting on something being the way it And it's the, it's the, the honest acknowledgement of what I'm doing to myself. That is the doorway And the forgiveness might not be something that happens but everything we do to open the doorway to is.

Planting the seed for the forgiveness to come back around again. Remember cycles. Virgo is the sign most affiliated with the time of the [00:39:00] harvest. It reminds us that the summer is It's time to separate what we don't know. We no longer need the wheat from the chaff, What, what is right now for us to presence to really devote our attention no longer for us to again, this I was spending all my time on this path. This might No, so I can forgive myself that everything was necessary.

Every single choice I made is bringing me to this moment. I couldn't have done And that really bring open, a gratitude, a humility, and a self forgiveness. Again, these Virgo Hmm. Okay.

Amanda: Amazing.

Closing Thoughts

Amanda: So basically for this week, the overarching [00:40:00] theme is wherever you are, that's your path.

And it kind of goes into this forgiveness thing that you just brought up, you know, just acknowledging that all the things that we've done to get to this point, those are also part of the path and where we're at right now is also part of the path. It reminds me actually of the word hoʻoponopono in Hawaiian.

Andrea Michelle: I love that. Yeah. It means

Amanda: literally to make right more, right? So it's an acknowledgement that that everything as it is right now is actually right, and we have the opportunity to make it even more right as we

Andrea Michelle: continue down our path.

Amanda: So it's just acknowledging that it's all in divine timing. It's all in divine order.

And we're a part of that. I love it too. I mean, what you just brought up about forgiveness when we're thinking that we should have done something another way. There is an element [00:41:00] of hubris in that, like we know better, like we know what it should be because. I don't know why we think that, but you know, we do often it's like, God, I should have done this and I shouldn't have done that.

And it should have worked out this way. And I should be here, not there. And, you know, I think that there's an element of, um, kind of like self importance in that,

Andrea Michelle: like, you know. Yes, you're, you're, this is that again, I'm not surprised tapped into this whole Venus Juno with the counterbalance of Mercury.

Can we be, can we have the humility to recognize that we're constantly learning? Can we humble ourselves enough to recognize that I shouldn't, like you said, if I should, it assumes that I should know this Our human life, our human vulnerability is the power to learn, [00:42:00] unlearn Mercury retrograde who I'm not anymore so that I can make room for whom, whom I'm becoming.

And unless we're willing to unlearn surrender more, cannot really make the space to then blossom into more of who we are, to make more right what is already right. Hmm.

Amanda: Wow. Okay. Well, it sounds like an amazing week, Andrea, thank you so much for being our guide us for it. Um, it, for any of you interested again, and having Andrea, Michelle's wisdom applied to your chart, your situation decisions, you're making things that are happening in your life right now.

She is available for readings and she is incredible. So you can go to

Amanda: astrology hub. com slash connect and just find her on that page. Or you can go directly to her profile and book with her right there by going to

Amanda: astrologyhub. com slash Andrea connect. We'll [00:43:00] also put those links in the show notes. And like I said, Michael Brian's workshop on fulfillment and how to actually tune into your unique path to fulfillment in your astrology chart.

His workshop airs tomorrow. We have the live Q and a Q and a with him later this week. If you can't make it live, it's okay. It's all recorded. You can check that out at

Amanda: astrology. com slash workshop. If you know, you only want Michael Brian's workshop. You can go to

Amanda: astrologyhub. com slash Brian, B R Y A N workshop.

Again, this is a workshop series. You can choose to opt in for the whole series. When you do that, you get three workshops for the price of two. Or if you're just like, I know I love this teacher and this topic. I just want that one. You can just opt in for one of the workshops as well. Wow. It's been such a pleasure being here with you, Andre and Michelle.

Thank you for sharing everything with us. I feel very equipped for this week and I'm looking forward [00:44:00] to just seeing how things unfold. It's always interesting to see what is the storyline that's going to show up with these themes and how can I apply these themes to that storyline. So thank you for guiding us

Andrea Michelle: through that.

Oh, I hope it's useful. I really It's always a

Amanda: Yeah. Yes, absolutely. And one of the things I love about what you do is you pose questions for us. You pose questions for us to ponder as these different things come up. So, so if you're anything like me, I just basically take notes of some of the questions that Andrea Michelle says, so that as things come up, it's like, Ooh, I need to ask myself that question right now, because that'll help me get to the answer for me.

Which is unique for me. It's unique for you, you know, all of you out there. So, um, thank you for doing that. I think it's a very respectful way to practice astrology because it really ultimately puts the power back in the, the, the hands of the perceiver, which is each and every one

Andrea Michelle: of us. [00:45:00] Yes.

All right. Thank

Amanda: you everyone for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. Can't wait to connect with you on the next episode. Take care, everybody.

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