Weekly Astrology Forecast: November 6th – 12th | Eclipse season is officially over

This week, Eclipse season will be finally, officially over…


The “big event” (or events) have happened – the shift in reality, the game-changing insight, the event decision or action that sent you on a new trajectory…


And now the clean up begins.


Our guest on the Weekly Weather, Astrologer Taylor Schuler, equated this to the period of time AFTER the party, when the balloons are sagging and losing their air, the guests have left, and it’s time to clean up.


You may be feeling invigorated after this “party”… or you may be feeling EXHAUSTED.


Either way, this is the time to slow down and integrate. 


It’s a time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going. 


Things have been a certain way for a long time… 


How could things be better? How could things be if they were different? 


Now is the time to be thinking about the changes that need to happen and begin the process of making them. 


Taylor also brought up that this last eclipse was the very last one we’ll have in Taurus/Scorpio for quite some time…


Have you done your work around your money, emotions, what you value, or sharing the deep information that feels dark and scary? 


Have you pushed the limit for something or someone that really matters to you? Or was it misplaced energy? 


She said, “Take the risk and stop messing around. Be brave enough to be yourself, your authentic self. Ask the universe for help, ask people for help, and you just may receive it.”  


And finally if there are people in your life who need to hear you say, “I love you. Thank you.” Say it. Just put it out into the Universe. 

These words can be scary but it’s worse to NEVER say them. 


So I’m going to do that again right now…

I love you and I’m so grateful our paths have crossed. I’m amazed and touched by your sincere curiosity about this universe we live in and the role you’re here to play in it. 


Thank you for being on this journey with me and with all of us here at Astrology Hub. 


I hope your Eclipse Season has been profound and fruitful, and I look forward to continuing our journey through the Cosmos… together. 


With love,



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Day by Day Horoscope Snapshot for the Week Ahead with Astrology Hub


Weekly Astrology Forecast:



🌀 Monday, November 6th: Reflective Rest and Celestial Pause


12:25 a.m. PT: Moon in Leo square Mercury in Scorpio

Moon void of course until 12:39 p.m. PT

12:39 p.m. PT: Moon enters Virgo

Mercury trine Neptune


On this Monday, imagine the world granting you permission to pause, to step back from the hustle and engage in a day of national introspection. It’s a day where you’re encouraged to embrace stillness, to clear not just your living space but also the mental cobwebs that have gathered. It’s a day to integrate and reflect on the path you’ve walked so far.

As you wake, the moon in Leo squares Mercury in Scorpio, presenting a tug-of-war between your heart’s roar and the whisper of your deeper thoughts. It’s a day where big, bold feelings might find themselves at odds with a call to probe the depths of your inner truth.

The moon’s void period suggests a cosmic time-out, a stretch where the universe whispers, “slow down.” Especially for those of you in Eastern Time zones and across the pond, this is your sign to take a breather and embrace the slow rhythm of the cosmos.

When the clock strikes 12:39 p.m. PT, the moon shifts into diligent Virgo, nudging you to find order amidst the calm. Yet, as the day closes, Mercury’s dance with Neptune invites you to lose yourself in the arts or the spiritual — whether it’s through melody, verse, or the tranquil sounds of nature.

Tonight, as you find your quiet corner of the world, ask yourself, “What would my life look like if I could move with the deliberate grace of the moon?” Let this question guide you into a week that promises a kaleidoscope of cosmic energy, each day unfolding with its unique celestial rhythm.


🌟 Tuesday, November 7th: Strategic Shifts and New Beginnings


Pallas Athena conjunct South Node

Moon trine retrograde Jupiter in Taurus

Moon makes a closing sextile to the Sun


As dawn breaks, Pallas Athena’s alignment with the South Node invites you to shed old tactics and embrace the wisdom gained from recent eclipses. If you’ve taken the previous day to reflect, you’re now ready to set your intentions for the days ahead. The Moon’s trine to Jupiter infuses your morning with a sense of hope and the potential for expansion, even as Jupiter retraces its steps in Taurus. By evening, the Moon’s sextile to the Sun signals a time to look inward, asking yourself poignant questions about the end of this lunar cycle and your desires for the next. It’s a day to strategize not just for the immediate future but for the long-term journey ahead.


🌬️ Wednesday, November 8th: Harmonious Actions and Revelatory Conversations


Moon sextile Mars & Mercury, trine Uranus & Pluto, opposite Neptune, Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus enters Libra


In the quiet hours of the morning, the Moon’s sextile to Mars aligns your inner feelings with your outer actions, particularly in the realms of intensity and passion. This alignment in the signs of Virgo and Scorpio suggests a day where practicality meets depth, offering a fertile landscape for planting seeds of intention.

As Venus glides into Libra, her home sign, the atmosphere lightens, favoring beauty, balance, and social grace. This transit invites you to indulge in the arts, seek harmony in relationships, and enjoy the lighter side of life.

The Moon’s trine to Uranus could bring unexpected twists to your routine—embrace them as opportunities for joy and innovation. Perhaps it’s a day to break the mold and surprise someone special or to shift your team’s dynamics with an impromptu outdoor gathering.

By afternoon, the Moon’s opposition to Neptune may signal a time to wind down, to process the day’s surprises and prepare for the evening’s depth of conversation. Mercury’s sextile to Pluto deepens communication, urging you to share and uncover truths. This aspect supports transformative dialogue, whether it’s revealing hidden information or engaging in healing discussions.

The day closes with the Moon making supportive aspects to both Pluto and Mercury, reinforcing the themes of emotional depth and communicative power. It’s a night for soulful sharing and finding balance through revelations, setting the stage for relational healing and deeper connections as the Moon prepares to transition into Libra the following day.


✨ Thursday, November 9th: Dreaming and Preparing for Renewal


Moon meets Venus in Libra, Moon enters Balsamic phase


As the Moon dances with Venus in the sign of Libra, the energy of the day is one of connection and seeking beauty in balance. It’s a day to appreciate the arts, nurture relationships, and find peace in the equilibrium of life.


Entering the balsamic moon phase, the cosmos invites you to turn inward. This phase is akin to the fertile darkness where seeds germinate—potent with potential yet requiring patience before the burst of new life. It’s a time to rest, to dream, and to set intentions for what you wish to manifest in the coming cycle.

Consider your natural inclinations during this phase. If you’re someone who feels a surge of energy as the moon wanes, use this time to engage in quiet activities that still honor the slowing down of this lunar phase—perhaps a gentle brainstorming session for future projects or a solo adventure that allows for reflection.

Understanding your personal moon phase—whether natal or progressed—can offer profound insights into your current state of being. Sites like astro-seek.com can help you determine your lunar phase, providing clarity on why you may feel in sync or out of balance with the energies of the day.

For those who resonate with the quieter call of the balsamic moon, embrace activities that foster inner peace. Take a bath, visit a spa, or engage in a vision-boarding session. Allow yourself to be cradled by the nurturing darkness, knowing that from this space of stillness, new beginnings are born.

Remember, the natural cycles of life are not about constant action but about honoring the ebb and flow of energy. Aligning with these rhythms—acknowledging when to act and when to rest—can lead to a more harmonious and fulfilling existence.



⚡ Friday, November 10th: Navigating Challenges with Grace and Growth


Mercury square Saturn, Moon meets Chiron, Jupiter trine Juno


The day begins with a cosmic call to discipline as Mercury squares Saturn, presenting challenges in communication and thought processes. This aspect is like a mental workout, urging you to strengthen your intellectual muscles. Sagittarius’s desire for freedom and exploration may feel restricted by Saturn’s demand for structure and responsibility in Pisces. It’s a time to be patient with yourself and others, as everyone is working through their own lessons.

The Moon’s meeting with Chiron further emphasizes the theme of healing and learning. It’s an invitation to address wounds, both old and new, with a spirit of teaching and betterment. Allow yourself to feel the tenderness of this aspect and use it as a catalyst for personal growth.

As the day unfolds, the tension eases with Jupiter’s harmonious trine to Juno, facilitating reconciliation and support in relationships. This aspect can bring a sense of redemption, especially if there have been recent struggles or misunderstandings in partnerships. It’s a reminder that even after a tough day, there can be moments of grace and joy.

This day is about balance—between the serious and the light-hearted, the challenging and the supportive. It’s a journey through the complexities of the human experience, with the night promising a gentle reprieve from the day’s rigors. Keep an open heart, and let the evening’s energy restore your spirit.


💭 Saturday, November 11th: A Day of Cosmic Shifts and Reflection


Moon meets North Node, squares Pluto, trines Saturn

Mars opposes Uranus


The day starts with a pull towards the future as the Moon aligns with the North Node, prompting thoughts about future aspirations and emotional states you wish to achieve. However, a square to Pluto may bring intense undercurrents to the surface, challenging you to confront deeper issues before the Moon goes void.

The Moon’s entry into Scorpio and its trine to Saturn suggests a need to stabilize emotions and harness depth for constructive change. The significant Mars-Uranus opposition could bring sudden shifts or revelations, urging you to break free from old patterns and embrace transformation. This aspect may also correlate with global events that shake the status quo, reminding you of the impermanence of material pursuits and the importance of genuine connections and values.


🌑 Sunday, November 12th: The Quiet Before Renewal

Transits: New Moon in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter


Sunday is marked by the dark moon phase, a period for introspection and emotional processing. The conjunction with Jupiter may amplify feelings, but also offers a nurturing embrace to any emotional expansiveness you experience.

As the day progresses towards the New Moon in Scorpio, it’s a time to reflect on the lessons of the eclipse season and how you’ve integrated them into your life. It’s a moment to consider the impermanence of life and to actively appreciate and express love for the people and experiences that enrich your existence.

The energy of the week calls for authenticity and courage to express love and gratitude. It’s a reminder to not take anything for granted and to live fully in the present, appreciating what you have while you have it. The cosmic message is clear: be brave enough to be your authentic self, to share your gifts, and to ask for help when needed. This is a time to reaffirm your values, to let go of what no longer serves you, and to tell people you love them, even if it feels uncomfortable or scary.


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