Top 3 Timing Questions in Astrology

[Cosmic Insider] Top 3 Timing Questions in Astrology


“The planets keep cycling around, creating cosmic waves in our lives… and there's always a wave we can ride. The question is, ‘If I ride this one, am I going to miss the next one that would have been the REALLY awesome wave that could have taken me somewhere good? ‘”

—Astrologer Rick Levine, The Cosmic Connection



Did you know you're a “cosmic wave surfer?” No really! You are!


You're riding “cosmic waves” on a daily basis… and making decisions about when to ride or pass on certain “waves” in your life…


Is the timing right to have that important conversation?

Is it the right time to ask for that date or too early? 

Time to take your child out of their current school or wait?

Are you ready to get pregnant, married or quit your job?


The list goes on and on…


And just like a surfer reads the “surf report” to decide if it's a good day to surf, which surf spot to go to, and which board to take…


You can “read the astrology” to get awareness about where the best waves are happening in your life right now, when things will die down, and what tools you should equip yourself with to make the most of the waves that are there.


On this week's Cosmic Connection with Master Astrologer, Rick Levine, we explored the Top Questions astrologers receive about timing and whether or not astrology can REALLY provide helpful insights into those questions.


It was a great episode I think you'll love! And there are more episodes you can tune into to get this week's astrological “surf report.”


I hope you enjoy… and may you find your own epic cosmic wave.


With love,


CEO & Founder


P.S. We have some very exciting news… We’re back with another Chart Reading Extravaganza with Rick Levine!


And this time, it’s all about transits and timing techniques.


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If you're ready to learn how to master timing, and learn how to read your own “astrological surf report” (and help others do the same)… this is the class for you! 


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Chart Reading 2 with Astrologer Rick Levine



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