Become a Dream Master

[Cosmic Insider] Become a Dream Master


“Dreams really do come true. You have to work toward them, you have to check them, and you have to ground them.” 

—Astrologer Becca Tarnas, The Jupiter & Neptune Jubilee Panel Event



Can you feel it?


It’s finally here… 


One of the most important astrological configurations of the year (and perhaps our lifetimes) happens when Jupiter and Neptune meet in Pisces tomorrow.


And we were blessed to have Astrologer & Historian Christopher Renstrom on the Weekly Weather to guide us as we “crest the wave” of this potent energy.


Christopher says it’s all about dreams: the power of dreams and the interpretation of dreams.


In this epic episode, Christopher adds an astrological twist to the tale of Daniel, one of the Bible’s “Dream Masters” and prophets known for interpreting dreams (trust me, this isn’t your average Sunday School Bible class storytelling, you don’t want to miss it!).


This story is the perfect encapsulation of the opportunity available to you as Jupiter (the planet of faith) and Neptune (the planet of collective dreaming) meet in the realm of divine inspiration.


Christopher says that this is the time for you to interpret the dream and read the writing on the wall in your own life. To trust that, even if you can’t see where it all leads, you are being guided by divinity.


This is the time to show up in your heart, to bring your gifts forward, and to have faith that those gifts have been placed within you for a reason. 


Trust in that dreamer vision and know that life may take you on a meandering path to get there but you will arrive when you are ready.


Right now, we are in the concentrated form of this powerful energy and Christopher says this isn’t a time of to-do lists, it’s a time of going with the flow and following the dream.


As Christopher says, “It’s really important for all of us to become our own dream masters.”


So… what is your dream?


With love,

CEO & Founder


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We’re having a ceremony tomorrow (April 12th at 4pm PT / 7pm ET / 11pm GMT) in order to hold space for our dreams and co-create with this once-in-a-lifetime auspicious planetary alignment.


This is a special community event and we’d like ALL the dreamers who are called to join to participate. Therefore, it’s a “give as you wish” event… enabling you to choose your ticket price.


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