“The Horoscope Never Dies”

[Cosmic Insider] “The horoscope never dies”



This week kicked off with a New Moon and we had Business Astrologer Georgia Stathis on the Weekly Astrological Weather to share her insights on how to use this time wisely.


Now, the New Moon we just had was in Gemini, so Georgia said it’s a great time to make a list…


So, here’s a LIST of her Top 3 Astrological Takeaways:


1. Listen for potential opportunities as Mercury stations direct. There may be information coming or guides that will help you through the situations that arose from the eclipses.


2. Be brave. With Jupiter and Mars conjunct in Aries, it’s time to be courageous about the things you believe in in a calculated, intelligent, non-reactive way.


3. Act on ideas you get within 24 to 48 hours. Make the phone call, go look it up on the internet…  just DO something to put action (Mars) behind your inspiration (Jupiter).


Georgia also said that there are things we should keep in mind as they continue to unfold later in the year…


Mercury will go direct in another earth sign, Virgo, and trine Pluto again in October which affects the “financial reckoning” you might be experiencing and the information or helpers that may come in to guide you.


Plus, while we’ll be experiencing Jupiter in Aries for only a few months, it will return to Aries in December. So things that you aren’t able to really get going now, may be able to start then.


And that’s just a taste of the kind of year-ahead insights Georgia brought in while also giving her practical advice for right now (she even gave each rising sign some incredible downloads to work with for the next few weeks!)


Check out the full episode for even more ways you can catch the astrological waves coming your way.


As Georgia said, “the horoscope never dies” and these things will continue to impact us in the future, just as the ripples from the past affect us now.


Sending you my best,


CEO & Founder


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