Quick cosmic guidance for all you busy bees!

[Cosmic Insider] Quick cosmic guidance for all you busy bees!



Have you tuned in to our newest free show, Star Sign Horoscopes Weekly with Astrologer Jamie Magee? 


This show is for those of you who love to weave astrological guidance into your life, but are short on time and want to skip the astro-speak that can get confusing… especially when you're new to astrology!


Jamie’s 3-5 minute weekly readings are broken down by Sun sign (you can listen for your Rising sign too), are always down-to-earth, and offer straightforward guidance on:


👍 What the week is great for &

 🛑 Where you may experience challenges


… With lots of cosmic insights on how to navigate the challenges, too!


With the Sun moving into Gemini (Happy Birthday Geminis ), Mars moving into his rulership in Aries, and Mercury sliding back into Taurus, there’s a lot of opportunity for insights, courage, and inspiration.


Plus multiple planets connecting with Pluto amplify the potential for transformation and growth.


So if you want to know what this all means for YOU, check out Jamie’s 3-minute overview for your sign.


Here at Astrology Hub, we feel passionate about providing a bridge to high-quality astrology for anyone who is astrologically curious…


We want EVERYONE to feel welcomed and have the opportunity to delight in starlight! 


So if you're newer to astrology, we hope you make Stars Sign Horoscopes part of your weekly rhythm, and for our more seasoned students, we hope you love the rest of our incredible lineup this week from Christopher Renstrom, Bronwyn Simons, and Gemini Brett below!


Sending you my best,


CEO & Founder


P.S. Have an “astro-curious” friend? Forward this email to them and turn them on to using Astrology as part of their weekly flow with the help of “Star Signs”!


This Week on the ASTROLOGY HUB Podcast!


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