Supporting Your Sagittarius Child

Who is a Sagittarius Child? A “Sagittarius child” is considered to be anyone with their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign (Ascendant) in Sagittarius, or if multiple planets (3 or more) are in the sign of Sagittarius.


Your Sagittarius Child


Sagittarius is the zodiac sign often noted as the freedom-loving life-of-the-party, but as the parent or guardian of a Sagittarius child, you probably know that there’s a lot more to this sign. 


Sagittarius children may light up a room (and they do!) but they also embody deep wisdom and have lively, inquisitive minds. They are known for their restless engagement with the untamed while at the same time having a profound awareness of what freedom really means, sensing the hypocrisy that lies within many laws and bounds.


Sagittarius is the Zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system related to growth, expansion, and new horizons. And as a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius children have a curious and creative way of engaging with the world around them.


Jupiter gives them the desire to go big, to go beyond the borders of the known and to laugh along the way. They are not content doing as they are told — they want to see and learn for themselves.


As the parent or guardian of a Sagittarius child, you have the amazing opportunity to be a guide and teacher for this adventurous seeker. You can help them develop their bountiful gifts so that their spirit shines bright and inspires others.



Sagittarius – Key Attributes


Sagittarius children are known for their jovial nature, love of adventure, and incredible storytelling abilities. They often have a “guru” quality to them and a deep connection to personal truth that they effortlessly teach to others.


They are eager students hungry for knowledge and exploration, whether out in the world or deep in a book. As they grow, their relationship to travel and learning will also shift and change. Astrologer Cameron Allen says, “They can be the traveler who becomes the sage.”


In Astrology, Sagittarius is the Centaur, and we can see this archetype reflected in the deep connection that many Sagittarius children have with the Earth, nature and the starry sky.


They may have strong intuition and a connection to their sense of personal destiny, as well as a deep understanding of natural law. As with all Zodiac signs, there are certain qualities you’ll want to encourage, and others that you will need to support them with.


“I think of the guru, someone who removes our false beliefs… But also a storyteller, someone who tells stories and myths. Those are the highest expressions of Sagittarius.”

Astrologer, Herbalist & Columnist for Yoga Journal, Cameron Allen


Key Challenges for Sagittarius Children


Sagittarius children may love storytelling and can even tend towards exaggeration and embellishment. It’s important to encourage their imagination while reminding them of the importance of honesty.


Cultivating an intuitive awareness of when it is appropriate to expand their stories and when it is not can help them connect with their inner truth and strengthen their personal morals.


It is key for your Sagittarius child to learn a grounded sense of optimism and to always use discernment before making a big decision. By teaching balance, you can help them understand what is “too much” if they are tending towards excess or dogmatic thinking.


Help them develop the awareness that their personal truth might not be a universal truth while validating their intuition and strong sense of belief. 


Sagittarius Traits


How To Support Your Sagittarius Child


Encourage your Sagittarius child to spend time in nature and connect with the Earth as a primary teacher. Provide opportunities for them to be in their “animal body” and outside in nature, observing the wisdom it has to share.


“I adopted nature as my teacher. Nature kept coming in to teach me about life; what I needed for my healing, what I was passionate about, and what I was here to do.”

Ana Zaharia, Host of Seeds of Light (on her Sagittarius Saturn return & Midheaven)


You can also encourage their adventurous side by finding opportunities for exploration in everyday activities – you can teach your Sagittarius child to see life itself as a great adventure!


Make a treasure map for them to follow, go for a quest in the woods (or your living room!), create a mythology around a mundane task… try different things to encourage them to use their grand imaginations.


Sagittarius Child

It is also important for you to notice instances when you personally might tend towards fixed beliefs systems that you are attached to from the past. Notice ways that your own philosophies and truths might make your child feel “boxed in” or like they are not free to express their true self.


Don’t be afraid of your own growth, reframing, and expansion of personal beliefs. Your Sagittarius child may very likely push these boundaries!


In order for your child to trust in their intuition and know what is “too far”, it is important that you support them in this awareness. If you hear them telling a story that you think may be exaggerated, point this out by asking: “Are you sure it really happened that way?”


If you find them embellishing stories often, this could be because they want to make sure what they are saying sounds interesting and important. It could be helpful to acknowledge that what they are saying is valid, and that they don’t have to stretch the truth in order to receive your attention and love.


Your child wants to feel like they can trust themselves and their intuitive relationship with life. You can support this by working with them to strengthen this very ability!



So if you’re raising a Sagittarius Child…


  • Recognize their wonderful storytelling abilities, guiding them towards an understanding of truth vs. exaggeration.


  • Celebrate their strong intuition and help them to find teachers (like nature) that they can go to for guidance and wisdom to fortify their own inner-knowing.


  • Help them find ways to make everyday activities exciting, illuminating, and spontaneous. Encourage their adventurous spirit by showing them that they have the freedom to explore life and can do this in all kinds of creative ways.


  • Teach them to build and strengthen their ethics and moral code, and celebrate times when their actions indicate that they are driven by a healthy sense of “right” vs. “wrong”


  • Encourage their optimistic, expansive nature. Help them understand that life isn’t always a walk in the park, but that they can always choose the way they greet each new adventure.


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