Supporting Your Libra Child

Who is a Libra Child?  A “Libra child” is considered to be anyone with their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign (Ascendant) in Libra, or if multiple planets (3 or more) are in the sign of Libra.



Your Libra Child


Libra Child Personality

Before we get into it, I'd like to commend you for coming this far and seeking to learn about your child's sign. I say this first because any parent should show that level of dedication in trying to understand their little one.


Secondly, because Libra is just one of the signs that are very easy to misunderstand without some valuable astrological background, and now that you're here, you won't have to worry about having the wrong ideas about your child's sign.


As we explore the key traits, challenges, and blessings of your Libra Child, we will get into some rather jargony territory, but I promise to do my best to make it all very clear.


Typically, one could just brush through some of the astrological terminologies, but I think you'll thank me for the extra bits of insight throughout this article.


With that out of the way, what's a Libra child like?


I'm sure you already know a thing or two about the sign. You might've seen that the symbol linked to it is the scales of justice and that Librans may tend to take their sweet time making decisions. While that's all true, there's more that can be unpacked here.


Although the scales are primarily associated with justice today, they were much more about commerce initially. Ultimately, this was an instrument to measure value, and that's a keyword you want to keep in mind as we try to demystify this zodiac sign. Still, here's the first place we must be careful when interpreting the meaning of Libra. And this is because Libra is less about personal value and much more about the exchange of value. 


To illustrate how complex this facet of the sign can be, I ask you to picture this: You are a five-year-old child, and you just found a beautiful rock, worthless, really, but in your eyes, that's the most magnificent thing you've ever seen. 


Now, your neighbour— let's call him Bobby, has a collection of rocks, and he sees you playing with your new toy and realizes he doesn't have that rock in his collection. He tries to bargain with you, your rock, for his new state-of-the-art miniature train track that he just got last Christmas. He played with it for the first week of the holidays, but he's truly much more interested in his stones, so now the trains are just catching dust in a dark corner of his closet. 


You take the offer and walk out of this whole interaction with a new toy, and Bobby has a new shiny rock in his collection. 


Bobby's parents are now furious because they essentially spent a few hundred dollars on a rock that some kid found on the side of the street. They try to convince Bobby that he's made an unfair trade, but Bobby disagrees and refuses to return the stone to get his toy back—he wasn't even into it in the first place.


What do you think? Was this a fair trade?


I'm going to assume you're siding with Bobby and your answer is yes, but if you're a Libra like your child, you're probably already thinking: But what about his parents? What if they've been saving the entire year to get their child that gift? Is the other child even into trains? Maybe they were just about to start their own gemstone collection!


Couldn't Bobby get his train back, and the parents just buy him a similar rock? But wait, what if the other child's family is low-income? Wouldn't it be fair to let them keep at least this one win? What if, what if, what if…


This is just a glimpse of what goes on in the Libran brain.

Libra Child – Key Attributes


I think you can understand why Libras are so famously called indecisive with that introduction. But this is precisely why I believe this is a gross misunderstanding of what the sign is really about. To understand that, we need to talk about two fancy astrology words: exaltation and domicile.


In Astrology, Libra's known as the “home of Venus,” and this is where we get the term domicile from. It simply means that whatever Libra represents makes the Goddess of Love, Peace, and Union very pleased.


On the other hand, exaltation is like a festival for a planet. An exalted planet is not just comfortable but luxuriating in that sign. They have no responsibilities there, but they reap all the benefits from being in that place.


Here's where things get very interesting with Libra, though. Because as much as it's the home of Venus, it is also the exaltation of Saturn! You know, The planet of responsibility, slowness, melancholy, and distance.


Parent of Libra Child 1

It is quite a contrasting combo, but bear with me for a second because this will make the whole indecision thing much clearer.


Whenever we combine Love (Venus) and responsibility (Saturn), we get commitment. So, if we wanted to boil Libra down to just one word, loyalty and commitment are both solid contenders.


Your child may come to understand the meaning of these words very early in life, and slowly but surely, they'll begin to be much more reserved with their choices because they're also very aware of consequences and the longevity of such.


In other words, your child might love a pinky promise and will never forget any you or they have made. With that said, Libra is less about indecision and more about precision.


They just want to make sure that whatever choice they make is the right one for that moment and for everyone involved, even if right now they're just choosing between the yellow or purple candy.


On another note, we can't talk about Venus without talking about art. 

The interesting thing with Libra is that you may not see their artistic side right away, at least not in ways you might expect. They won't always be the kid with the best drawings in kindergarten, but they'll always be keenly aware of which drawing deserves an A+ among their classmates. Libra is a natural art critic.


As an air sign, Libra contrasts the natural craftsperson Venus invokes in the earthy Taurus (Venus' second “home”). That's because Libra is much more utilitarian than Taurus. For Libras, art is not merely made. It has to be purposeful. Here, Venus expresses her creativity through fashion, cosmetology, interior design, art theory and even architecture!


You can help your child tap into their natural proficiency in these topics by allowing them to pick their own clothes, organize their room in their own way, and even make playlists together. They might also develop a real love for musicals, so get your Disney marathons on schedule.


Key Challenges for Libra Children


We talked about how the combination of Saturn and Venus in Libra can make them keenly aware of fairness, commitment and justice, and that's all due to both these planets doing so well in your child's sign. However, giving you all the shining traits of your child doesn't make for the best parenting tips. So let's get to some of the less-than-gracious things about being a Libra.


So, we talked about domicile and exaltation earlier, but everything in life has an opposite, and for these, we have fall and detriment. I know these words sound scary, but they're really not, and I'll explain why.


The one term we want to pay the most attention to here is fall. This is because anyone born during Libra Season has a fallen planet by default. That's because the Sun (the delineator of seasons) is said to meet his fall in your child's sign— very dramatic, I know.


If you spend time online reading astrology articles, you'll see some pretty harsh things spoken about planets in their fall, but I'm here to suggest a different way of looking at them. I mean, just the word fall on its own indicates that you're falling from a height. That seems obvious, but it's often ignored by Astrologers.


Through working with clients, I've noticed that time and time again, people with planets in their fall are actually excellent at displaying the qualities of that planet.


For your child, having their Sun fallen in Libra means that they can be the greatest and fairest of leaders, always putting the needs of others in front of theirs. In Libra, the Sun's mission is not to be celebrated but to celebrate the gifts of others. Where the fall comes in is the lack of recognition for their humanistic efforts.


Libra Child Personality 1


I'm sure you've already noticed how your child is always trying to fend for the underdogs at school. It's not uncommon to see Libra children as hall monitors and other similar roles where they have the authority to promote some level of peacemaking.


But that's often the very thing that gets them into trouble with their classmates. You can think of the Sun in Libra as the goody-two-shoes archetype. This can be very challenging in early school life but does get better with age.


Another downfall of the Sun in Libra is that they become so good at seeing the greatness in others that they can often fail to see their own. That's when Astrologer Cameron Allen's advice about being a mirror for your child comes in. You always want to ensure that they're able to look at themselves the same way they look at others and that they, too, deserve all the praise they're ready to give to their friends and classmates.


And that's tough to do as an adult. As a child? Practically impossible. This is why you'll need to be the epitome of self-love in their eyes and lead by example.


How To Support Your Libra Child


Supporting a Libra Child is actually very easy because these little Venusian Children are always down to collaborate and be surrounded by those they love. This might sound like it's something everyone enjoys, but for a Libra, this is almost a necessity as they're not the types to enjoy a lot of time alone.


We talked about how Libra people usually possess naturally practical creativity, which should always be your key to entering their zone. With that in mind, setting the time to paint or do some crafts together is necessary. Activities as such are bound to strengthen your bonds and, most importantly, to get them talking.


Parent of Libra Child

As an airy sign, Libras are naturally talkative. Still, with the solar challenges we mentioned earlier, they may feel inadequate in larger unfocused group settings, so having this one-on-one time will reveal some of their ideas, needs, and wants in a much more open way.


But remember that during these sessions, they should be the focus, even if they continue to try to ask you questions about yourself, your day, or whatever they might be curious about. This should be their moment to feel seen and heard.


However, if your child is one of the Libra people who'd rather look at art than actually make it, there are other ways to create this supportive environment for them. 


As a child of Venus, your child might have an inner diva that they'd love to tap into from time to time. A good way of working with that charming trait is to have spa dates every now and then.


I believe this is an activity I recommended back in Taurus season for Taurean children, and while the idea is similar, the goal you're trying to achieve here is different.


For a Taurus child, the purpose of the spa date is to get them to relax and feel comfortable in their body. A Libra child is sure to enjoy some of that too, but the key here is to remediate the issues of confidence we mentioned earlier.


In other words, your mission is to pamper them as a reminder that they're worthy of being treated like royalty. This is especially important if you are a father, as Libras usually require extra fatherly attention.


So if you’re raising a Libra Child…


  • Don't push them to make decisions quickly. You can help them reach their conclusions, but know they need the extra time.


  • Never break a promise—they won't forget it if you do.


  • Take them to art exhibits and museums to help them connect with their creativity.


  • Make playlists together to strengthen your bond through their natural musical inclinations.


  • Remind them that they deserve to be treated like royalty.


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