You Have to Feel It to Heal It

Cosmic Insider | You have to Feel It to Heal It


One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Michael Beckwith says, “you have to feel it to heal it.”


As we head into a really powerful week where Venus will align with the heart of the Sun, I think of that message as we are invited to love ourselves back into wholeness.


But what does that even mean?


Well, Weekly Weather Astrologer Jaime Goldstein says it's about loving all those authentic aspects of yourself that you were told were wrong or that you dismissed, denied, disowned, or rejected. 


There may be challenging emotions that come up this week (grief, anger, anxiety, fear) and maybe you’ll be tempted to project blame onto others.


But Jaime says that “our triggers are our trailheads to treasures”… 


If you can, hold space for those big feelings and let those emotional waves move through. Honor yourself, your capacity, and your needs.


She even has a practice that you might want to try as any intense emotions bubble up… learn more in this week’s episode!


Here are more tips from Jaime to work with the energy of the days ahead…


❤️‍🩹 Monday: What is ready for healing?

The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto bringing up big things from our unconscious. What came up to your conscious awareness for healing since Pluto went retrograde in April? Now is the time to integrate.


🌹 Tuesday: A moment of beauty.

A calmer day this week. Venus moves within 1 degree of the Sun creating a beautiful moment for all things Venus (love, connection, beauty). Slow down, there’s magic here.


🌊 Wednesday: Let the emotions flow without judgment.

The Moon squares the Nodes and opposes Saturn inviting you to take responsibility for your emotional experience and self-love so you can move toward your future. Venus and the Sun square Pluto asking you to consider: Are you safe to show up as your authentic self in your relationships? 


🕯️ Thursday: Integrate with sacred ceremony.

This is a day for integration. The Moon moves into Virgo, the sign of sacred ceremony. Move into a ceremonial space and come into stillness today.


🧖‍♀️ Friday: Nurture yourself.

The Moon conjuncts Ceres. Consider these questions: What do you need for nurturance and self-care? How are you moving energy through your body?


🌟 Saturday: Feel Venus in the heart of the Sun.

This is the day of the Venus Star Point as Saturn goes direct helping you find alignment and integrity with your heart. It’s about seeding a new relationship paradigm and releasing things that keep you from being connected to your truth. Go outside if you can and feel Venus in the light of the Sun.


❤️‍🔥 Sunday: Connect to your power from a place of love.

Venus and the Sun enter Scorpio, into the depths of the sacred waters. This is a really powerful karmic clearing where you can come into deep intimacy and trust with the sacred other and take a look at your relationship to power.


To learn more about this week’s “bubbling energy” leading into the upcoming Scorpio eclipse, check out the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


As the powerful waves of transformation wash over you, remember…


Feel it so you can heal it.


With love,



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