Eclipse Basics: A Cheat Sheet for Eclipses & Eclipsed Personal Planets


If you stare at a bright light too long, and close your eyes, you’ll see the light’s afterimage persist, then slowly fade. An eclipse creates a sensitive degree.


Eclipse Basics: A North Node eclipse is an open door which draws things to you. A South Node eclipse is one that allows things to depart.


A solar eclipse operates on our “day side” – our conscious, aware selves, and visible world events. A lunar eclipse is a “night side” event, evoking our subconscious, dreams, instincts, habits and emotions.



Eclipsed Personal Planets


Eclipse orbs of influence are traditionally tight, operating within 3 degrees or less of the sensitive degree.


When an eclipse sensitizes a degree conjunct or opposite one of your natal planets, the eclipse will serve as an amplifier for the affairs of the planet involved for a prolonged time (some say up to three years, depending on the length and intensity of the eclipse.)


Here’s how your life may be impacted when a personal planet is eclipsed…




How you shine, lead or make decisions. Your health and vitality.



How you nurture yourself and others. Your intuition, instincts and emotions.



How you think things through. Your clarity and communication skills.



How and who you love. What you desire. What gives you pleasure. What you attract.



How you take action and pursue your intentions.



How you attract abundance and express gratitude. Your optimism and faith.



How you delay gratification. Your self-discipline, pragmatism and commitment.





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