July 2020 Forecast: Time for Remedial Education

In the month in July, we have the most significant planetary events of the year aligning in the skies and this is the month that Rick Levine says we can begin to choose sides. This is the month that we can begin to get clarity and see what the choice is for us to make. 


Discover why Rick advises us to learn as much as we can in July, how to work with these unique once-in-a-lifetime energies and why the theme for the month is “remedial education” or remediation by reading the interview below.



Amanda: So what’s going on for July?


Rick: I wanted to start off reading the opening sentence or two from this book, which is Carl Jung’s last book he wrote before he passed away. It’s called The Undiscovered Self and he opens the book by saying, “What will the future bring? From time immemorial this question has occupied men’s minds.” He really meant humans’ minds. 


“Though not always to the same degree. Historically it is chiefly in times of physical, political, economic, and spiritual distress that human’s eyes turn with anxious hope to the future, and when anticipations, utopias and apocalyptic visions multiply.” 


Amanda: Wow, if that wasn’t written for right now.


Rick: Welcome to 2020.


I have one other book that I want to mention, I’ve been rereading sections of it. This is the last book written by Buckminster Fuller.


He says that the primary action of the 20th and 21st centuries, that there will be larger and larger numbers of individuals in humanity, on the planet who will bond in a singular moment in waves of love and acceptance and enabling and empowering. And in waves of fear and anger and defensiveness and hate. 


So these alternating waves will kind of continue to wash over humanity, except they’re not waves by the seashore, they’re digital or electronic. They’re electromagnetic waves of thought.


What he claimed in that book would happen was that there would be larger and larger, increasingly successive waves of shared moments that would become more and more intense. And that at some point in time, when the largest (think of a cosmic tsunami) wave hits, it would leave us either with utopia or oblivion. Well, this is about as apocalyptic, or as uncovering, or revealing as one could go. 


These two books I’ve been stuck in my mind and I’ve been rereading them because obviously stuff is going down that is incredibly significant and important. 


We will get to the astrology, but you have people talking about the astrology of all this day in and day out. And I’m trying to take a little bit of a removed view so that we can really understand that astrology isn’t some idol, intellectual, mental pastime. It’s not just something that we apply in order to show how clever we are. 


We are living through IT.


At this moment in time, in this month in July, we have the most significant events of the year being set up in Capricorn. 


The Saturn Pluto conjunction back in January, the Jupiter Pluto conjunction in April, the Jupiter Pluto conjunction again on the retrogrades at the end of June.


Then we will have the Jupiter Pluto conjunction again in November, but all leading up to the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Aquarius. And so this is the flow of 2020.


It’s unique. This hasn’t ever quite happened this way before and as such, these are extraordinary times. 


It’s utopia or oblivion. And it ain’t a done deal yet. July in many ways gives us the space in which we can begin to choose sides. 


At the beginning of this year, after its conjunction with Pluto, Saturn moved on into Aquarius and it was only in Aquarius for a short amount of time. It moved into Aquarius on the spring Equinox, on March 21st.


Now Saturn moved into Aquarius and we began to get inklings of what the Aquarian energy is going to be like. And we began to get inklings of the restraints.


On July 1st, Saturn retrograded back into Capricorn. And it’ll be in Capricorn until December 6th. And so this is basically a six-month period where we’re back in Capricorn school. Saturn, the teacher basically said, all right, I’ve kind of tested the waters of Aquarius, but some of you just aren’t getting it. 


Mars, having just moved into Aries last week. Mars, when it normally moves into a sign, stays there about six weeks, seven weeks. Because of its retrograde motion, Mars is going to stay in Aries for the same amount of time, roughly that Saturn will stay in Capricorn. 


And here we have not only the recipe for the rest of the year, but we have the flavor of what the remedial learning is about in the month of July, 


There’s just a sense of the impatience that we’ve been feeling because we’ve all been restrained by these times. And so Mars is in Aries and we’re ready to go. And then just a day later, Saturn backs into Capricorn and goes, I’m running the show. 


Mars in Aries wants to make it to the finish line. It needs to learn self control because the winner of this arm wrestling contest between utopia or oblivion is going to be determined by what’s going on now, which I know is a whole lot of pressure. And when I say now, I mean 2020. 


What matters now is that we take this pause and we revisit everything that we thought we knew to be real, because there’s this dance going on between real and what we thought was real.


And in July, the other piece that we get is the Sun trining Neptune, we get Jupiter in an extended sextile to Neptune, and maybe most importantly, we get Venus. She’s now moving direct squaring Neptune on July 27th. This Venus square Neptune is going to be important all the way through August.


And so now with Neptune slowed down to turn retrograde, it’s potent. We have this dance between what’s real, and what’s not real. And I don’t think we’re going to gain clarity. 


We get glimpses of clarity toward the end of July. I don’t know that we have full clarity of knowing what happened and what really went on and where we’re really going until Jupiter and Saturn both move into Aquarius and meet, and that’s around the winter solstice. 


The wider the perspectives we can gain, the more intelligent the decisions are that we will make.


Amanda: So what does that “light” Aquarian expression look like?


Rick: I think, love versus fear. I think it is the inclusion of everyone in their differences, knowing that the differences is what creates the beauty of the whole.


The highest version of Aquarius is realizing that by encouraging the diversity, it brings richness to the shake, to the mixture, to the blended drink or to the structure itself.


This is Mahayana Buddhism, which basically says no one can be enlightened until everyone’s enlightened.


So we come back to July, back to the final of three eclipses. That occurs on July 4th or 5th, depending on where you are. 


That eclipse mostly being significant, because of the fact that the eclipse moon is at 13 degrees of Capricorn And two days after the eclipse, that moon in Capricorn is going to conjunct first Jupiter, then Pluto, and then Saturn all in one sweep.


And for the first time, since Saturn is back in Capricorn, which it’s only been back there for a few days, the moon is going to go, boom, boom, boom.


Amanda: What would you say is the theme for July?


Rick: Learn as much as you can.


What’s happening is that with Saturn, having moved into Aquarius, giving us an inkling. Now, back in Capricorn, while these these three planets being the three heavyweight giants of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, while they are back in Capricorn together and convening until mid December, they’re giving us an opportunity to go back and relearn what we thought we knew.


Now we have work to do. And the work that we have to do is we have to go to school and we have to go to school and learn all the things we thought we knew.


The work is to learn what it is we didn’t know, and to be brave enough and courageous enough to face some hard stuff.


This does not require you to end up with a particular belief. It only requires that everyone understand that being in remedial training means that you didn’t understand something, you didn’t get something, you didn’t learn something, then here’s your chance to learn it because the class is moving ahead. 


And because Mars in Aries is impulsive. Mars in Aries is hot to trot. Mars in Aries is act first, ask questions later. Mars in Aries is heading toward a conjunction with Chiron. That conjunction occurs on July 14th, the whole middle of the month, going from that conjunction all the way through to the new moon on the 20th. And when Mars hits Chiron, it’s kind of confronted by its vulnerability


And during this time, incidentally also we have Mercury in Cancer retrograding back to the square with Chiron and Mars in Aries. And so we have Mercury in Cancer, which is almost kind of like a double retrograde because Mercury in Cancer tends to be internalizing and tends to be more receptive than expressive.


Mercury is intellect, in Cancer it’s sensitive. The Mercury square to Chiron basically says my intellect bumps up against those things I don’t want to know that are wounding to me. 


And so I look at July as we have to learn, we have to take the medicine without the sugar. We have to learn. This is back to remedial training. We have to learn what we thought we already knew. Even if our ego is invested in the fact that we already knew it, we still have to take the medicine and learn it.


Amanda:  If Saturn is going to be in Capricorn for six months, this remedial education isn’t just for July, we’re just kicking it off.


Rick:  Right. It is an extended remedial education, but July is the absolute beginning of it.


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