The Divine Union of Venus and the Sun 

Seeding a New Synoidc Cycle with Tami Brunk & Sasha Benedetti


You’ve heard of the hero’s journey… but what about the heroine’s journey?


In a time where so many of the systems and structures we’ve been relying on for centuries are falling apart rapidly…

Where do we turn for guidance to create the new way?


Read more and discover why the synodic cycle of Venus and the Sun is setting the stage for the next 19 years where we begin to marry our hearts with our minds, and seed a new, feminine consciousness on the planet.



Amanda: I’m honored to introduce you to Sasha Benedetti and Tami Brunk. Both these women have been working very intimately with the Venus cycle for many years. 


Tami: I’ve been working with Venus alchemy since about 2010. I’ve been taking people through the Venus cycle as an initiation guide. 


Sasha: I’m excited about this collaboration, we both have slightly different ways of seeing and experiencing the Venus cycle. We want to invite everyone reading this to find their own open inquiry about the Venus cycle. We’re going to give you different possibilities, and at the end, it’s all about your own personal experience.


Tami: Yes, it’s about embodiment, opening up to it and saying, we each have our own wisdom that emerges when we work with these mysteries.


Our bodies connect us to earth. And we start by remembering and dropping in before we can even begin to connect with the sky.


Sasha: The first thing I do when I’m dropping in is slow down. I notice my breath and allow it to bring awareness of my interior space. 


Venus is so much about our interior, our feminine insides, no matter what gender we are.


Tami: The Venus cycle is connected to exploring the relationship between Venus and the Sun. Today [June 3, 2020] is an incredibly potent day because Venus and the Sun are meeting. At cazimi is one way to say when Venus is in interior or in inferior conjunction with the Sun. And that’s going to happen in just about an hour.


How can we prepare for this moment? This is a ceremonial container now for us to drop into. We’re fully in our bodies and we’re going to be exploring what that is over the remainder of our time together.


Sasha: Our bodies are these bridges between the earth and the sky, and our spine connects the two of those. Feeling into that, that space where your body is actually connecting the cosmos and the earth is so important to really be available for this moment.


Venus represents heart and feminine wisdom, and our bodies and receiving. The Sun is that vital life force that lights everything up that the whole solar system is revolving around. So this union is bringing together those two energies. We can receive that within our heart space. 


It’s this combination of broken open sweetness of love and arrows. Those are two of the energetics that are going to be meeting up at 1:44 Pacific time. 


Tami: When Venus and the Sun come together in this way, it initiates a whole 19-month heroine’s journey. 


I love that way of seeing it. As Sasha articulates, it’s a life-death-rebirth of the feminine mysteries. 


The way that I’ve worked with this, historically, is through the story of a goddess, Inanna, who goes through a death and a rebirth cycle. That story was actually patterned after the Venus cycle. It describes the Venus cycle. 


This is a powerful potent 19 months that we’re heading into now.


The way that Sasha and many other astrologers look at the beginning of the Venus cycle is that it begins where Venus is now, in between the earth and the Sun.. A lot of astrologers would say, that’s the beginning point. 


The way I work with this Venus cycle is that I see it as beginning when Venus first is visible in the morning sky, which is going to be approximately June 9th. It’s a little period after the exact conjunction. Many ancient cultures observed it in that way. 


In both cases, we’re really understanding that there’s this point, and then an activation of a new Venus-Gemini cycle.


It’s a still moment, like the difference between the dark of the moon versus when you see a little crescent…


The dark of the moon is when people would often have more of the interior kinds of ceremonies. It’s when you would do something in more of a secretive, or an intensive potent way. It’s when that tiny crescent comes out, that you’re having the big celebrations. 


So with Venus, this is the moment where we go inward, where we seed. There’s an incredible potential energy to seed something powerful and new for the cycle.


Sasha: Yes. I want to invite us all to take a really deep breath. I want to keep rooting into the breath, keep reading into our bodies. I invite us into that. 


One of my favorite parts of the Venus cycle is to get up before dawn and look for her in the Eastern sky. “Is she there yet?” We really don’t know until we see her. 


When we go on our heroine’s journey, there’s this bursting of life and wanting to do something that seems impossible.


If we’re going to create amazing lives during these highly transitional, turbulent times, it takes courage to stand up and say, “Yes, I want to have an amazing life. I want to thrive. I want to be part of the new vision.” 


That’s the bold energy of the first part of the cycle – when she’s a morning star. And then of course, Venus goes down and down and down and down and she gets humbled. She needs obstacles, and then disappears into the underworld and dies.


Something in us always dies in order to be reborn. What is outdated? What needs to be integrated within us? 


Then she comes back up and out in the evening sky, and she’s climbing higher and brighter. She’s gaining back her vitality. And she’s been completely changed by that time of death, so now she’s open to more compassion. She’s the mature feminine who’s met the obstacles and knows how to empathize with another’s experience. 


The real jewel of this is for us to live more authentically as who we are. 


That’s the revolution: to actually show up and have that coherence within our being. 


Tami: We can look at the Venus cycle in the simplest way by looking at four different distinct phases. The first phase is the one we’re in right now. This phase is really that period where you can no longer see Venus in the evening or the morning sky. 


It’s a magical time and it’s on average eight days, but it really varies.


In as little as a week or sometimes less, you see her up here in the morning sky.


It’s a metamorphosis. Morningstar is the next phase and that lasts for about eight months. 


And then there’s the underworld. Venus is invisible for about two to three months. This is when Inanna is on the meat hook. This is really the deepest gut-wrenching kind of experience. 


That’s when Venus is on the other side of the Sun and then Venus appears as an evening star again, visible for around eight months. That’s the fourth phase. So we’re just at the beginning of that.


Sasha: She always goes retrograde in the evening sky, but still visible. When she’s at her maximum brightness in the evening sky, she’s at a certain degree. When she meets the Sun, she’s at that same degree. When she shows up as morning star at her maximum brilliance, she’s at that same degree – 13 degrees Gemini in this case. 


Going through this 19-months cycle is just so profound. 


It’s a gift from the ancients that we get to continuously discover as we come into more empowerment as equal beings on this planet. 


It’s a time where we honor all and empower all human beings to bring their gifts during this important time. 


Tami: Gemini is not traditionally seen as a heart center sign. It’s seen in a very different way. How does Gemini express from the heart? This is a meditation for 19 months. How does Gemini express the feminine and how do we embody her?


Sasha: What were the themes of the Venus and Scorpio/Libra cycle? She was straddling both the seed point that happened in late October, as well as, this last cycle, she was seated in Scorpio, but she rose in Libra.


We’re at the end of a 98-year cycle, of her starting her cycle with the Sun in Scorpio. And we have one more cycle. 


Tami: It will be one more in Scorpio from the way that I’ve been working with it. We actually saw this as a threshold cycle between Libra and Scorpio. 


Sasha: Scorpio and Libra. Revolution in relating with self and other transmuting. With the Libra, I got so clearly – this is healing of the feminine and masculine split that they’re never not working in partnership within our being. 


We can come into a healthy relationship where we can relate with another, and they become a sacred mirror because the container is love and trust. 


And then we get to see parts of ourselves that we can’t always see on our own. 


Then there are different archetypes that we can work with, the goddess of each of these. I invite you to ask what are the goddesses, what are the archetypal feminine presences that you would connect to around Libra? 


Some of those could include Hera Juno. You might include the mermaid. Mary Magdalene, to me, feels very much like a merging of the Scorpio and Libra mysteries. The Lady of Justice. Jigonhsasee, she was the Iroquoian mother of nations. She was a great peacemaker. 


We work really deeply when we work with this Libra Scorpio cycle.


So then some of the archetypes of the Venus Gemini cycle. This is just an open inquiry. 


Gemini tells a new story. Changing woman is a Navajo goddess who manifests the shapeshifter capacities of Gemini Iris, the rainbow goddess. Gemini has a great deal to do with the rainbow medicine wisdom. 


Sasha: I saw this archetype of the Dakinis that come from the Tibetan tradition that are innocent, elusive and playful, but carry this fierce wisdom and will wake you up. They have that trickster too. 


One of the main guiding principles is how do we show up with openness, even as things become more intense. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is very much about the mind, and Venus is the heart.


There’s this real synthesis between mind, heart, mind, heart, mind, heart.


Amanda: There’s something really sticking out for me, which is this experience of the heroine’s journey. We’re so familiar with the hero’s journey. Yet this is such an opportunity for us to really experience and understand what the difference is and how it feels to have that heroine’s journey with as much intentionality as the hero’s journey. So thank you for that. 


I think it could be valuable right now to remember that the Venus in Gemini energy it’s the metta goddess or secret imprint of the feminine consciousness for the entire 19 months. 


Sasha: Yes and it’s so exciting. I just feel so full and hopeful at this time when our hearts are breaking open and we’re writing this new story.


Tami: Likewise. Bring the mind to the heart. What is that expression about? 


What is the distance between the mind and the heart? That can be our meditation for the next 19 months. 


We know that when we work with the feminine energies of Venus, we might be encountering the distortion or the shadow where the hurt version of Venus in Gemini is dissociative. 


And so we want Venus and Gemini fully sourced, fully present, fully in the feminine heart. What she does is she brings those fragments down in, in helping us to become one-hearted. 


That’s what I would really wish for, for each of us on our journey now is to drop into that. 


Amanda: Everyone needs Venus medicine – man, woman, however you identify, whatever gender. 


The masculine and feminine are forever partnering in order for us to be creative beings. And so I just want to honor that out loud and speak to that. 



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