COSMIC INSIDER: Moving Towards the Vision for Your Future

On the Weekly Astrological Weather, Anne Ortelee's intensity scale for the week ahead has been off the charts for a while now…


And while this week is no different, she says that the turbulence and conflict can be clarifying and that you'll even get some happy endings.


The main events include Mercury stationing direct (closing loose ends), the Sun moving into Pisces (ushering in some compassionate energy), and the first of three Saturn/Uranus squares (setting off major structural change).


And with Saturn still ruling the heavens, karma is especially illuminated…


You’re not only sowing the seeds of your future karma, you’ll also get more clarity on how your past choices have led you to where you are today.


It's a pivotal moment to bring closure to doing things “the old way” and opening up to new ways of handling the intensity of life.


If you find yourself feeling triggered, and trying to find security by reacting to discomfort the way you always do… 


See if you can catch yourself in the moment, take a pause, go outside, and look at the sky. 


See the wider perspective. Get a fresh view…


As Pema Chodron says, “It’s never too late in the chain reaction to catch the fact that you’re hooked.”


And it's never too late to choose a new response to an old story.


If you're looking for more details on this week's sky story, we have some wonderful episodes of the Astrology Hub Podcast for you to explore.



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