Lessons from the Mars Retrograde w/ Astrologer Joe G

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In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Joe G and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh explore the end of the Mars Retrograde cycle.

This week on the Weekly Weather with astrologer Joe G, we’re seeing the end of the hazy and restless Mars retrograde cycle that’s squared to Neptune. This can result in some discomfort, but exploring Venusian pleasures can be a remedy to this tension. Astrologers are predicting big changes this month, with one door closing and another opening.

As the moon passes through Saturn and Pisces on Saturday, Joe highlights how it’s important to allow ourselves to feel everything that comes up during this process of closure and looking towards the future. Astrologers have pointed to March as a turning point, and we’re in the midst of that period now. So, take a moment to enjoy the beauty and pleasure that Venus entering Taurus offers, while also being open to the discomfort that may arise as we move towards the future.

You’ll learn…

🌑 How this week closes out Mars’s retrograde cycle and how you can embrace that ending in your own life.
🌒 A fun dream exercise that can help you uncover what you really want.
🌓 How to invite Venusian blessings into your life on Friday with simple astrological magic!

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