From Novice to Pro: Taylor Shuler's Tips

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Astrologer Taylor Shuler and Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh talk about How to Learn Astrology and Become a Professional.

In this week's episode, Amanda speaks with Taylor Shuler about her journey in pursuing the mystical field of astrology. Taylor candidly shares the ups and downs of becoming a professional astrologer, offering amazing insights into the world of astrology. Whether you're curious about how to become an astrologer or are interested in learning more about this fascinating field, you won't want to miss the valuable tips and tricks Taylor has to offer on how to learn astrology.

On Today's Episode You'll learn…

🌑 All about Taylor Shuler’s journey to becoming a professional astrologer.
🌒 What to do if you don’t relate to your Sun sign.
🌓 Why it’s important to take breaks from any transformative process…including learning astrology!

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