Weekly Astrology Forecast: August 21st through August 27th – Mercury Retrograde isn’t as bad a you think!

Mercury goes retrograde on Wednesday and inevitably, social media will start teeming with images like this:

Mercury Retrograde Meme

Mercury Retrograde Meme

Mercury Retrograde Meme


While these memes may be amusing, they definitely contribute to Mercury Retrograde’s undeserved bad rap!

And the common conceptions about what Mercury Retrogrades are, create a resistance for many people that may not be the most useful.

Because here’s the deal, Mercury Retrograde happens 3-4 times every 

year and lasts about 3 weeks each time.

That’s a lot of our lives spent with Mercury in Retrograde!

I'm reminded of what my mom used to say about Mondays, “There are too many Mondays in our lifetime to hate them.”

Gotta love that grounded Capricorn wisdom.

She definitely could have said the same thing about Mercury Retrograde! Why waste your time dreading something that will happen for so much of your life?

If you have awareness of how to work effectively with Mercury Retrograde, you can use this time to your advantage.

Our stellar Weekly Weather Guiddess, Georgia Stathis says, “It’s not all BAD! Mercury Retrogrades make you look at things that need to be addressed, wherever Mercury is falling in your chart.”

She also says it’s a great time to close up loose ends and FOLLOW THROUGH on the things you’ve been avoiding (we all do this in some areas of our lives, so don’t feel bad 😉).

It’s time to clean out your files, finish that tax return, renew your driver’s license, make the important phone call, send in the application for the classes you’ve been wanting to take…

And yes, if your car or computer has been giving you trouble lately, it’s an indication it's time to bring it into the shop.

I always like to think of Mercury Retrograde as a period of time that’s reminding me to SLOW DOWN…

Cross my t’s, dot my i’s… read the fine print, ask the questions, and make sure the communication is crystal clear.

And while Mercury Retrograde is a big transit for this week, there are some other biggies!

Find out why Georgia also says this week will be full of epiphanies, reality checks and a few surprises…

And what she says is the one thing we need to avoid at all costs on this week's astrological weather here.

Enjoy this week's content and here’s to making this Mercury Retrograde…

A “Mercury Upgrade”!

All my best,


P.S. This community is incredible. We’ve raised over $40k for the Maui fire relief efforts! We also came together to dance, pray and send loving energy to these islands in community and it was an event I’ll never forget. THANK YOU for touching my heart and sharing your starlight with Maui.



Day by Day Horoscope Snapshot for the Week Ahead with Astrology Hub


Weekly Astrology Forecast:


🪶Monday, August 21st: Like a caged bird

Sun at the anaretic degrees of Leo

The energy of today could leave you feeling like a hamster in a cage, not knowing where to go or where to exit the loop. This is something to be aware of! Avoid being hubris or too prideful. The energy is about to shift!


💕Tuesday, August 22nd: Karma and Success go hand-in-hand

Sun at the anaretic degrees of Leo

Be mindful of the impulse to step on others toes because you’re only thinking about yourself, and be aware of this in others you interact with today. Success is guaranteed if you keep revenge out of the equation. Be conscious of those that support your heart versus those that step on it. 


🎂Wednesday, August 23rd: Happy Birthday, Virgos!

Sun enters Virgo – Mercury stations retrograde

When Mercury is retrograde, you have the opportunity to tie up unfinished business. This, mixed with the Virgo energy of the Sun gives you a rare opportunity to buy some time in order to get things straightened out. This shift in energy will bring more discrimination on how you approach problem solving and is a great day to get organized.


🌱Thursday, August 24th: What’s standing in your way?

First Quarter Sagittarius Moon, Virgo Mars trine Pluto

Intentions from the New Moon could be starting to sprout. There’s potential for obstacles to get in your way, but now is the time to act.  Expand your horizons, think outside the box and lean on the tempered Virgo energy to get organized and stay on track.


💥Friday, August 25th: Think before you act!

Mars at anaretic degrees of Virgo

Mars at the last degree of Virgo could have you feeling a sense of urgency to get organized or take action. Try not to act in haste but instead prepare and THEN take action.


🦋Saturday, August 26th: Social butterfly

Venus square Jupiter within 1º

Your social calendar could feel like it’s getting very full… which could be a good thing! Just be sure you don’t go overboard, it’s okay to say no! There are big benefits to creating alliances with others and growing your network, but it’s about finding a balance that supports you.


🤔Sunday, August 27th: Decisions, decisions

Virgo Sun opposite Saturn in Pisces

Mars in Libra trine Pluto in Capricorn

It’s decision-making time! Think about what is no longer tenable for you. Today’s energy gives you a groundedness and discernment needed to make important decisions that are inevitable in the next 2 weeks. This may have to do with something seeded in February or early this year.


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