There is no lack… there’s only work

Cosmic Insider | There is no lack… there’s only work


With a Lunar Eclipse that has ALL the cosmic players involved in the conversation… this week is cosmically and energetically BIG.


So Astrologer Stormie Grace joined me on the Weekly Weather to share her practical wisdom (I love how down-to-earth her advice is!) for navigating this bustling week.


Her theme is “there is no lack, there’s only work” because old ideas around what is “lacking” in your life based on fear or criticism are coming up for review.


Stormie says that several squares to Saturn this week are challenging those ideas so you can take action to own your authority, level up, and create stability.


Take a deep look at what needs to be shed. It’s time to unburden yourself.


Here are more tips from Stormie to work with the energy of the days ahead…


🛠️ Monday: Put in the work and find solutions.

Venus squares Saturn which could bring challenges around finances and relationships. The opportunity here is to put in the work to be solution-oriented (even if you’re tired) because good problem-solving energy is available.


🌕 Tuesday: Big day! Carry a notebook so you can write things down.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus unearths buried treasure and calls for you to end something or make a big adjustment over the next 3-6 months. The Sun and Mercury come together inviting you to remember what came up the last time this happened (July 16th & Sept 23rd). Where are you ready to release and start something new? Mercury opposite Uranus may bring you new information and chance meetings. 


🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Wednesday: Create community around who you are and what you love.

The Sun opposite Uranus asks you to consider: What are you really into? Create a community or join a community around whatever that is. Have the courage to take it on and go in a new direction with it. 


🪄 Thursday: Take inventory & tap into the visionary magic.

Mercury squares Saturn asking: What is your long-range plan/goal for your life? Take inventory in this space where you can be more objective and challenge your patterns. Venus trines Neptune inviting you to rest, create, paint, dance, and dip into magic. 


👷 Friday: Remember: There’s no lack, just work to be done.

The Sun squares Saturn and Stormie invites you to consider this perspective switch: It’s not “no”, it might just be “not yet”…  There are foundational things for you to develop so get your priorities in order and deliver on them. 


💝 Saturday: What is the gift you are being called to share?

Mercury trines Neptune and the gifts you have to offer are being highlighted. What’s the energy being called to come out in you? Time to get back in the game.


🔥 Sunday: What is ready for a deep transformation?

Venus sextiles Pluto bringing a deepening, intensity, and intimacy. Where are your finances, relationships, and self-worth ready to evolve? Go deep within and let things transform into something more supportive.


To learn more about how you can use this eclipse time to level up your life, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather with Stormie.


And if you love Stormie’s teaching style and want to learn a foundational part of her practice and “a fantastic time-saver” to pull the story of a chart together…


Don’t miss her class, First Chart Impressions, to discover her time-tested technique for finding patterns and meaning in the chart quickly. 


With love,



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