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As a mom, I love being able to find deeper connections to the holidays throughout the year so I can create traditions that really mean something with my family. 


So I loved talking to Astrologer Nura Rachelle on the Weekly Weather about how Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, and more are celebrations that are supported astrologically during this time.


Her theme this week is “leaning into the thin veil” because Scorpio season marks a shift from one energy to another, like dusk (no matter where you are in the world).


Look at the world around you and see what is changing… 


How is that mirroring what’s happening within you during this season of death, rebirth, and transformation?


This transition time is a “thin space” where you have more access to your ancestry, lineage, and the spirit realm and the opportunity to connect with them.


Nura says, “We’re in this middle space where much of the magic happens.”


Hidden things are brought to light here and Scorpio’s gifts arise when you reach back into your ancestry and begin to reclaim your magic.


Here are more tips from Nura to work with the potent energy of the days ahead…


🌓 Monday: Lean into your psychic energy, intuition, and body wisdom.

On Halloween, the First Quarter Moon gives you greater illumination on all that’s been stirred up recently (though you still have only half the information). Use discernment around what you absorb and focus on as eclipse portals are very potent times of acceleration and manifestation. Don’t feed the fears and trust yourself.


💀 Tuesday: Celebrate your ancestors.

Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) begins. It is said that a portal opens at midnight and the souls of the ancestors join the living for 24 hours. This is a beautiful time to create ritual or altar spaces (something to symbolize, commemorate, or express gratitude) for your loved ones. This is also an opportunity to create a safe space within yourself to do deep healing (especially around the “witch wound”).


🧲 Wednesday: Attract deep healing.

Venus conjuncts the South Node. Intentionally magnetize and attract healthy ways of working with the past and doing ancestral work. And be aware that there is quite a bit of volatility in the air.


🍵 Thursday: Re-connect with your body & nourish it.

Venus sextiles Ceres, the goddess asteroid of cyclical wisdom and “the great mother”. This is an opportunity to release unhealthy habits and bring in some ritual and intentional detoxification. 


🌊 Friday: Feel your big feelings.

The Moon connects with Neptune and then Jupiter (which is now in Pisces). This is an emotional time of big feelings. There is support for things like integration, remembering, forgiveness, healing, and surrender.


🍂 Saturday: Where are you holding on too tight or not tight enough?

Venus opposes Uranus. What secrets are being revealed to you? And how are they helping you awaken, liberate, or shake out of old habits? Can you let things go that you just don’t need to hold on to anymore? This is a big opportunity to let it go


📓 Sunday: Write your story down.

Mercury conjuncts the South Node. This is the time to write things down. If there is a story or memory you’re trying to “re-story”, get it down on paper. Notice if you’re starting to fall back into an old story and write it out.


To learn more about this time of spirits and soul work, you don’t want to miss the full episode of the Weekly Weather with Nura.


She says, “One of the most potent lessons that death teaches us is how to really live.”


And I think that is some beautiful wisdom to keep in mind this week where we are invited to honor the unseen and celebrate those who came before us.


With love,



P.S. For those of you whose ears perked up at the words “witch wound”, the idea of reclaiming your ancestral magic, or for anyone who’s interested in practically working with energies to create intended outcomes…


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