Making Peace with Pluto

Cosmic Insider | Making Peace with Pluto

There’s no way around it: we’ve had a lot of heavy, transformative energy swirling around lately…


That’s because of Pluto! Ever since entering Aquarius (and then immediately stationing retrograde), the Lord of the Underworld has been pulling focus in the sky. And this week is no exception.


My conversation with Henry Seltzer on the Weekly Weather reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from the psychologist Carl Jung: “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”


This week, which includes a New Moon in Taurus, features several planetary shifts building up to the beginning of Gemini season, and Pluto is presiding over all of it.


According to Henry, Pluto – and all the outer planets – connects us to a “vertical dimension” of life that is more spiritual in nature than the “horizontal dimension” of our daily, material reality. 


He spoke about the broader perspective that this dimension offers. Instead of getting caught up in any anger or reactivity that might emerge, he encourages taking a long view, and asking how do I want to be remembered by future generations?


Another thing I love about talking with Henry – who, by the way, will also be guiding the Inner Circle this month with a Mastery Class on Pluto, Chiron and Eris – is that he brings in his pioneering research on the new planets. 


His discussion of Haumea’s role in the week’s astrology (and the transits that have led up to it) brought a whole new dimension to my understanding of eclipse season and the possibilities that await! 


But to learn more about that, you’ll have to watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather


This week’s astrology is an invitation to dig into the deepest parts of yourself to find the wisdom & healing that’s waiting inside.


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The Week Ahead:


🪄 Monday, May 15th: Mystical activity.

Mars trines Neptune today, indicating a supportive collaboration between your own force of will and the spiritual realm. Neptune will also sextile the New Moon on Friday, carrying this supportive, dreamy energy through the week.


💐 Tuesday, May 16th: Bloom

Jupiter enters Taurus today, bringing potential blessings of abundance to those who are willing to put in the work. Use this transit over the next year to cultivate your garden – and make sure you pay it forward when the harvest comes in.


💬 Wednesday, May 17th: Tell the truth.

Mars squares dwarf planet Haumea today, who is related to truth-telling and following natural law. Make sure your actions are aligned with your values; doing the right thing, matter what the cost, will be supported.


​​🛑 Thursday, May 18th: Lessons learned.

Mercury sextiles Saturn, prolonging the frustration of Mercury retrograde a bit with a sense of slowness and difficulty accomplishing things. That’s ok – it’ll pass. In the meantime, take some time to reflect on what you’ve learned since Mercury stationed retrograde on April 21st.


🌚 Friday, May 19th: Rebirth.

The Moon renews itself in Taurus while Pluto, Mars, Jupiter and Haumea each occupy the first degree (or so) of one of the fixed signs. This is a tense but generative configuration that holds the potential for deep healing and massive regeneration.


🧘Saturday, May 20th: Stay calm.

There’s a potential for anger and reactivity to come up today while Mars enters Leo and immediately opposes Pluto. Take a step back if necessary and remember “you’re never angry for the reason you think you are.”


♊ Sunday, May 21st: Gemini.

Taurus season is over and, as it passes the first degree of a fellow air sign, the Sun will also trine Pluto in Aquarius, creating a channel through which unconscious material from the Underworld can come into the light and become conscious. Take advantage of it.


With love,



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