COSMIC INSIDER: The time is now…

“Pluto’s role is to make you live according to who you truly are.”

-Christopher Renstrom, Astrology Hub’s Weekly Horoscope



Today we have a supercharged New Moon in Libra kicking off a complex and action-packed month. 


There are many astrological aspects that make this New Moon particularly noteworthy (we cover them at length in the October Forecast with Rick Levine and the Weekly Weather with Anne Orelee)… 


But I wanted to draw your attention to Pluto’s role in the mix of the current planetary mash-up.  


In the Weekly Horoscope, Astrologer, Historian and Author Christopher Renstrom pointed out the mounting sense of inevitability that you may be feeling…  


That there are decisions you’ve been putting off, a choice you don’t want to make, a talent laying latent within you that you’re not sure if you should bring forth, or a venture you’re not sure if you’re up to or not. 


Whatever it is, Christopher says that NOW is the time.


“No more beating around the bush or putting off for tomorrow what you can do today. No more making excuses for yourself because Pluto is insisting that you live according to your roots, according to who you REALLY ARE.” 


He says you’ll know what this is for you over the next few weeks and that “you’re up for this” with the full force of the astrological energies behind you. 


Christopher reminds us about the true essence of Pluto and the ultimate invitation of this time period:


“Pluto is the planet of ordeals – it demands that we face or fight for things that matter on a very, very deep level. But in addition to ordeals, Pluto also encourages the transformations that arise from the ordeals we go through. If you choose to take on the current ordeals in your life with your full heart and your entire soul, you will be transformed. And the transformation will be a rebirth and a new lease on your life.” 


So while you may have that deep inner feeling of inevitability… that something undeniable is brewing in your life and in the world…


Remember that whatever it is, it’s part of your “seed self.” The deepest coding of who you are and what you came here to experience.


It IS inevitable. 


And it… is YOU.


Sending my best,


CEO & Founder



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