COSMIC INSIDER: What are you really afraid of?

Since the beginning of 2020, the astrology has been inviting us to consider the mechanism of fear – how it operates, what it does to us as a collective, and your own personal relationship to it.


And now…


As the season shifts in the northern hemisphere and the dark imagination is celebrated and spooky stories retold… 


As Mercury turns retrograde once more and we are warned not to sign anything or make any big sudden changes…


As the world situation becomes more and more unsteady…


Fear is on the mind. And how utterly paralyzing it is.


And as much as I wish it wasn't true, I sometimes see astrology adding to people's fearful experience of reality.


Whether it’s fear that a retrograde or “scary” transit is heading your way…


Or that there is something “bad” in your chart that will keep you from experiencing love or happiness.


Because of this prevalence, I am so grateful that there ARE astrologers whose work actively contributes to banishing these fears and arming people with knowledge to empower themselves.


So very often, what we are afraid of is the unknown. We fear what we don’t understand.


In this week’s Horoscope Highlights, our favorite storyteller, Christopher Renstrom uses a scene from the terrifying film The Shining to dispel the fear of Mercury retrograde and help you work WITH the planet’s backward motion, saying:


“You may discover in the end that you have strayed off the well-beaten path only to find a better way to get to where you wanted to go.”


Meanwhile, on Frank Answers, the always-compassionate Frank Clifford does a deep dive on the fear-inducing “debilities” in astrology.


Frank believes that “debilitated” or not, “Every placement has a spectrum of possibility.”


He encourages you not to be held back by what the ancients said and to look at what’s in front of you now in a more authentic, positive, and creative way.


By understanding where these terms come from and why they are used, we can banish the negativity and fear and really use the gifts our chart holds.


In fact, Frank’s uplifting and fear-banishing perspective was so impactful for students, we’re continuing his Workshop Series after rave reviews of how “liberating and upliting” the first workshop (Reframing the Zodiac Signs) was.


So if you’re interested in going deeper with Frank to uncover the truth and beauty behind your “bad” planetary position or “incompatibility” in relationships or “hard” aspects, you don’t want to miss this invaluable workshop series.


You can learn more and join us today here!


This is just another resource and safe space that we here at Astrology Hub are extending to you, so you can take your fears and transmute them into power and enlightenment.


May these offerings lead you to more understanding of the scary unknowns and lead you to a deeper place of integration, bravery, and wisdom.


Let’s turn that fear into love.


Sending my best,


CEO & Founder


P.S. Due to Anne's travels we experienced technical difficulties on the Weekly Astrological Weather show this week. Stay tuned for the Cosmic Connection October Forecast with Rick Levine on Thursday (September 30 @ 5:00 Pacific/8:00 Eastern) and tune into Christopher's Horoscope Highlights for your astro forecast fix!


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