COSMIC INSIDER: 5 tips to light you up this week 🔥

On the Weekly Weather this week, we talked about Venus moving into Sagittarius and how the “fire of Sagittarius” is most like candlelight.


We imagined being in a dark space with a bonfire in the middle, with one person lighting a candle from this central flame and passing it around to each other.


In addition to its magical glow, one of the great things about candlelight is how it CAN be passed around from one flame to another without diminishing itself at all.


So here are some strategies from this episode that are aligned with this week’s astrological energies and designed to inspire you to keep going no matter what’s happening around you. 


5 Tips to Light You Up This Week:


  1. Go out in nature or take walks. With Mars still cozying up to the Sun, it can be really helpful to get out and get moving. Bonus points for getting your bare feet on the earth. 


  1. Read something that inspires you. Venus has moved into Sagittarius, bringing in the energy of illumination and seeking. Find stories that inspire you and seek out wisdom keepers.


  1. Look at how far you’ve come. It can be so easy to get bogged down by all that is happening around us. Use the Mercury retrograde energy to take some time to appreciate the incredible leaps you’ve made in the last year.


  1. Go back in time. Find out what was happening in your life around January 4th and February 14th of 2021. Whatever those stories were, they are getting re-activated now that Pluto and Saturn are moving forward. What were you thinking you wanted to do at that time? Now is the time to make it happen.


  1. Spread the light! Sing your heart out, listen to upbeat music, watch a musical, wear bright red, embody that Sagittarius fire.


  1. BONUS TIP: Date a fireman. Look, if it’s in the cards for you… it IS an Astrologically aligned activity.  🔥😉


And if you need any more resources to help you along on your journey, we have an incredible lineup of insights from our brilliant astrologers.


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Or just put on our Libra Season Playlist and dance it out!


Choose your own adventure this week and take whatever offerings you need. No one knows what you need better than you.


Sending some of my candlelight to you,


CEO & Founder



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