COSMIC INSIDER: Solstice blessings to you and yours

The Solstice is a special time of year… 


Solstice is a Latin word that means sun stands still. 


And in alignment with the “cosmic curriculum,” during this time we're encouraged to take a moment to “stand still” and rest. 


Here at Astrology Hub, we're doing exactly that by stepping away from our screens and slowing down for a bit.


We will be taking a holiday break from December 23rd-January 3rd so that our team can connect back in—to their families, their friends, and themselves. This is a huge accomplishment for us as it's the first time in 6 years we've taken time off as a company! 


Team Holiday Compilation 2021


* The Astrology Hub Angels wishing you the happiest Solstice and New Year!


If you can find (or give yourself) a space of rest and reflection during this time, I hope that you do so too. 


And don’t worry, we have lots of special episodes for you to watch while we’re away…




If you want to get caught up on your astrology learning and spend some time with us, we have some amazing shows below you can tune in to.


Whether you’d like to cozy up with Christoper Renstrom as he regales you with the incredible astrological symbolism in Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol… 🎄


Warm yourself with the fires of Vesta as Jenn Zahrt prepares you for next years’ magic… 🔥


Or listen in to the tale of how a chart can transform into a symphony… we’ve got you covered. 🌟


Not to mention a few of our seasonal episodes from years past that you might want to revisit!


If you still want more astrology in your holidays, check out The Astrological Significance of Christmas (Part 1) and The Christmas Mysteries (Part 2) with Gemini Brett or this Yuletide Chat with Rick Levine and Anne Ortelee.


Plus, we have one very special gift to share with you…




Music is such an incredible way to mark moments in time, and open our hearts…


When our Inner Circle Astrologers are teachers for a month, we have them choose music that accompanies the astrological energies. 


So our students can not only learn about the astrology of the month but also HEAR and EXPERIENCE the music of the spheres! 


Because this has become a favorite of our Inner Circle members, we decided to give it to you as a Solstice gift from our hearts to yours…


You can access our curated 2021 Moon Cycles playlist via Spotify here!


Thank you for continuing to delight in the stars with us…


We hope to continue sharing astrology and inspiring the unique song in your heart as we enter into 2022 and beyond.



Happy Solstice,


CEO & Founder


2021 Moon Cycles Playlist


Listen to the Inner Circle 2021 Moon Cycles Playlist on Spotify!


You'll find details on the complete tracklist here, sorted by the lunar cycle, astrologer, and theme. 


We hope this album of songs takes you on a journey of the astrology of 2021 and keeps you connected to the special moments and bigger lessons you experienced all year.


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