COSMIC INSIDER: The Music of the Spheres… just for you! (Special gift inside)

You know how a song can instantly transport you to another time and place?


Maybe your favorite song from childhood instantly brings you back to summers as a kid, or you can still hear the song that was playing during your first kiss…


Well, because music is such an incredible way to mark moments in time, and open our hearts…


When our Inner Circle Astrologers are teachers for a month, we have them choose music that accompanies the astrological energies.


So our students can not only learn about the astrology of the month, but also HEAR and EXPERIENCE the music of the spheres!


Because this has become a favorite of our Inner Circle members, we decided to give it to you as a Solstice gift from our hearts to yours…


You can access our 2021 curated playlist via Spotify here!


2021 Moon Cycles Playlist


Below you'll find details on the complete tracklist, sorted by the lunar cycle, astrologer, and theme.


We hope this album of songs takes you on a journey of the astrology of 2021…


And keeps you connected to the special moments and bigger lessons you experienced all year.


Thank you for continuing to delight in the stars with us… we hope to continue sharing astrology and inspiring the unique song in your heart as we enter into 2022 and beyond.


With love,


CEO & Founder


P.S. Simply click here to listen to the Inner Circle 2021 Moon Cycles playlist on Spotify!



Complete Tracklist: the 2021 Inner Circle Playlist


Capricorn Moon Cycle w/ Frank Clifford: Restructuring Your Inner & Outer Landscapes


Una Matina by Ludovico Einaudi 


Aquarius Moon Cycle w/ Monique Leurink: Jumping Into The Age Of Aquarius


NEW MOON: A Sky Full Of Stars by Coldplay

FULL MOON: Tangaroa Whakamautai by Maisey Rika

Light and Shadow by Philip Wesley

DNA by Ludovico Einaudi 


Pisces Moon Cycle w/ Omari Martin: Birthing the “I AM” Within


FULL MOON: You've Got A Friend (Libra full moon)

In love with a ghost by Flowers

Burgs – Mt. Wolf

Dreams by Nuages


Aries Moon Cycle w/ Georgia Stathis: Managing Change: Peripheral Vision AT LAST!


FULL MOON: Brand New Day by Sting (Zodiacal New Year full moon illuminated the peripheral vision needed to make decisions)

Sands by Emancipator

Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys


Taurus Moon Cycle w/ Bronwyn Simmons: Sacred Embodiment, Belonging, and Presence 


NEW MOON: Kinder by Copper Wimmin (acknowledging your sacred embodiment)

Stars by Ayla Nereo


Gemini Moon Cycle w/ Cameron Allen: Reorientation To Reality


NEW MOON: Scream by Michael & Janet Jackson (Mercury retrograde – music video has images about the media making you want to scream)

Dawn of the Forest by Takashi Kokubo

Look for Good by Jason Mraz


Cancer Moon Cycle w/ Tom Jacobs: Becoming The Source Of Love For Yourself


One River by Benjy Wertheimer & John de Kadt

A Letter To My Younger Self by Ambar Lucid (Inner Child healing)


Leo Moon Cycle w/ Divine Harmony: Leading From The Heart


NEW MOON: You are made of Sun by Kyau

Rise Like The Sun by Entheo

FULL MOON: One Day by Matisyahu (Aquarius Full Moon – coming together despite polarity)

Beginnings ft. East Forest by MC Yogi

Heart Chakra by Beautiful Chorus

Brave by Sara Bareilles (Brave like a lion for Leo)


Virgo Moon Cycle w/ Ari Moshe Wolfe: Knowing Deep Inside


NEW MOON: La Promesa by Shimshai

I Enter This Moment by Ari Moshe Wolfe

The Missa Greca by Asha

Lunar Rainbow by Eskimotion

Infinite Possibilities by Ingmarlo

With My Own Two Hands by Ben Harper

FULL MOON: A Joyful Man by Mayestra (Reminder for accepting your darkness, intensity as this Full Moon in Pisces illuminated the need to accept that you are enough, you are worthy, you are magic and are a sacred being)

 Im Ata Ma'amin by Ari Moshe Wolfe

 Communication by The Flecktones

 Be Love by Tara Divina 

 Come by Shimshai

 Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne


Libra Moon Cycle w/ Judith Hill: Active Balance & Cooperation


NEW MOON: Venus the Bringer of Peace by Gustav Holst (With New Moon conjunct Mars, Judith encouraged people to invite sweet Venus for balance)

Great Storm Clouds by Trevor Hall

FULL MOON:  You Don't Own Me by Leslie Gore

 I'm Sorry by Little Brenda Lee

 Wild Women Don't Get The Blues by Ida Cox

 Little Town Flirt by Del Shannon

 I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

 Walk Like A Man by The Four Seasons

 Don't Mess With Bill by The Marvelettes

 Nessun Dorma by Luciano Pavarotti


Scorpio Moon Cycle w/ Gemini Brett: Grow Through What You Go Through


NEW MOON: Asaf Avidan – In A Box II

 ALBUM: Keith Jarrett – Eyes Of The Heart

ALBUM:  Joshua Redman Quartet – Moodswing

ALBUM:  KT Tunstall – Eye To The Telescope

 Mum – Finally We Are No One

 Tom Waits – The Heart Of Saturday Night

Force by Yaima


Sagittarius Moon Cycle w/ Amma Li Grace: Trust In Change: Rites of Passage & New Frontiers


NEW MOON: Song of Life by Amber Lily 



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