COSMIC INSIDER: A Glimpse into the Future

“There are no spectators in May – we’re all participants and we each have to engage the cosmos in creating the future that we wish to see.”

-Rick Levine, The Astrology Hub Podcast Ep. 287



In this week’s Cosmic Connection, Rick covered all the dynamic action headed towards us in the month of May.


Magic and material from other dimensions may come leaking into your world as we enter eclipse season…


Visions of the future may come knocking as Jupiter takes a quick dip into Pisces… 


Our uncured wounds may call for tending as Pluto digs up the past and reminds us of the importance of dialogue and forgiveness…


And that’s only the beginning! If you’re looking for movement, this is your month. 


The winds of change are blowing and your life is transforming in one way or another. Some of that change is like a breath of fresh air and some of it is harder to weather.


You may feel like it’s a struggle to keep up with the changes, but we are all challenged to participate in it. 


Rick reminds us of the Burning Man philosophy: There is change that ONLY can occur through participation.


With the New Moon in Taurus, the ground is fertile and the time is ripe for you to seed the intentions that you hold in your heart.


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During this ever-shifting time, we’re here to provide you with astrological insights and guidance so you can work with all the opportunities and challenges to come.


As Jupiter gives you a glimpse of hope, we hope that we may too.


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