COSMIC INSIDER: Reclaiming Play

Change is in the air this week, beginning with Mercury moving into the playful sign of Gemini.


We’ll be working with this planetary placement for an unusually long period of time (because of Mercury’s Retrograde pattern)… so our astrologers are encouraging you to settle in and explore the lessons and gifts that Mercury in Gemini has for you!


On the Weekly Astrological Weather, Anne Ortelee said this is an important time to consider what you were like as a child. What did you want to do but didn’t? What have you stopped doing that you loved to do?


It’s the perfect time to remember what was lost and bring it back into your life now.


In his Horoscope Highlights, Christopher Renstrom says that Mercury in Gemini will also be about how you approach play, the way you play with others, and your relationship to winning and losing.  


 I got to see this theme in action last week when my 12-year-old daughter Madeline participated in a “Greek Pentathlon” competing in events like javelin and discus throwing, sprinting, and long jump.


While I watched Madeline do great in this competition, winning game after game for her form and grace, another little girl (who was just as incredible and talented) won nothing. 


At first, my heart broke for the little girl who sat crying with her mama after the games… 


But then I thought about the lesson she now has the opportunity to learn and how the times I’ve shown up and given my best and HAVEN’T won have actually been more fruitful than the times I DID win! 


Because every time I’ve given my best and haven’t won the “prize”, or the times I wasn’t appreciated or recognized for my efforts, I had the opportunity to remember why I was playing in the first place… 


Was it for the outcome of winning and the accolades that come with that?


Or was it for the joy of expressing, the chance to improve, and the fun of play? 


Although painful, and not always easy to swallow, the times I haven’t won have served to reinforce a deeper, more timeless, and more rooted WHY that is independent of outcome or others’ opinions.


Has this ever happened to you? Has losing a competition, not being appreciated for your efforts, or walking away from play feeling not good enough ever crushed your natural enthusiasm? 


This is a great time to reflect on anything that’s been lost and RECLAIM it! Connecting once again with your inherent joy and love of the journey, without attachment to the outcome. 


And this is a great time to recover any pieces of your inner child that are calling out to be seen and heard.


Mercury will be in Gemini until July 11 so remember to find ways to play, laugh and ENJOY the world around you in new and childlike ways.


Sending my best,
CEO & Founder


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