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About the Show:

This is our brand new Q&A series from award-winning astrologer and writer Frank Clifford, author of Getting to the Heart of Your Chart!


Want to know more about the lunar cycle, what retrogrades mean, or how to interpret the 8th House? Keen to explore a particularly planetary placement or transit in your own chart?


On this show you'll be able to directly contribute by submitting your specific (or general) astrology questions and Frank will answer many of these in the weeks ahead! If you'd like to have YOUR question answered, please click the button below to submit a simple form.


(Kindly note: If you choose to submit your birth data with your question, you are giving permission for this to be used/shown in the recorded video. Feel welcome to use a different name if you wish.)

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Want to Keep Learning from Frank?

Astrology can be an empowering, self-validating and insightful journey into who you are and who you were born to be. It can also encourage self-awareness, self-determination and leading from the heart. But it’s easy to fixate on negative placements and forget that every planet, sign and house has a spectrum of possibility.

In our upcoming exclusive series of workshops, Frank will provide an antidote to the condemnatory interpretations that can fill websites and books. It will help you reframe those stereotypes and get back to the archetypes and essence of the horoscope!
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Meet Your Astrologer



An independent, creative force in the astrological community for over 30 years, Frank Clifford has built an eclectic career in astrology, palmistry and publishing. He has written a dozen books, including his textbook Getting to the Heart of Your Chart, been a Sun sign columnist, a consultant for clients and businesses, a researcher/compiler of birth data, and a publisher of over 35 publications.


He regularly writes for various magazines and guest edits The Mountain Astrologer. Frank lectures all over the world and runs online courses with the popular London School of Astrology, which has branches in China (New Moon) and Japan (ARI/LSA Japan).


Back in 2012, at age 39, Frank became the 13th and youngest recipient of a lifetime achievement honour, The Charles Harvey Award, for Exceptional Service to Astrology. Past winners include Liz Greene and Robert Hand. In 2016, Frank received a writing award from ISAR and two years later was honoured with a Regulus Award nomination for Enhancing Astrology’s Professional Image.


You can find him at: and, and this is a link to his Amazon Author Page:


Frank Clifford Astrologer

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