COSMIC INSIDER: Mama, Can We Watch the Stars?

The other night during bedtime, my nine-year-old daughter Sophia asked me a question I'll never forget…


“Mama, can you please wake me up at 5:00 so I can stargaze with you?” 


It took my breath away and warmed my heart as I thought, wow… 


She sees what I do every morning, she feels how much I love my sky-gazing ritual, and now she wants to wake up before dawn just to experience it with me!


How intimate, how sweet, how deeply soul-stirring to snuggle under a warm blanket, under the stars and share this moment with her. 


And I have Astronomer & Astrologer Gemini Brett to thank for this!


Truth is, I was never a stargazer before I met Brett and I was intimidated by astronomy…


But his ability to demystify the night sky and his passion for connecting the astrology so many of us learn on computers and apps with the ACTUAL sky…


Has completely changed my relationship to the wandering stars, and my appreciation for both astrology AND astronomy.


Now I get to pass my enchantment with the sky down to my children and fan the flames of their own curiosity…


And this is why I am so joyful to be able to share this with YOU!


Enrollment is now open for Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers, taught by the ultimate Celestial Navigator, Gemini Brett.


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Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers is about cultivating an embodied astrology practice so that you can see the sky in the chart and the chart in the sky. 


If you’re a new student of astrology, learning to read and interpret a chart will be much easier because you'll understand the WHY behind so many of the astrological rules and associations. 


If you're an advanced student, this course will help you integrate what you know in astrological theory and practice, with a solid foundation in astronomy, enabling deeper levels of interpretation, rich understanding, and a more intimate relationship with the sky.


I hope you'll join us on this journey! So you too may, “Receive the mysteries that await in the temple of the living sky…”


And have the opportunity to share what you've learned with your loved ones, nestled under a warm blanket, and bathed in the magic of the starry sky.


All my best,


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