COSMIC INSIDER: Choose Your Path & Stay Bouncy

“In 2021, we’ll need to be like bamboo, strong and flexible at the same time.”

– Bronwyn Simons, Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle Guide


In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy reaches a fork in the yellow brick road where she meets the Scarecrow who tells her… 


“That way is a very nice way” pointing in one direction, then “It’s pleasant down that way too” pointing in another.


Well, this week you might feel a little like Dorothy and find that you need to pick the road you’re going to travel.


Mars in Gemini gives you two paths and its recent conjunction to the North Node encourages you to embark on a new journey.


It may be emotional or just plain difficult, but the structures in your life can be transformed for the better if you listen to the messages you receive at this time and start traversing a new path.


Think about the energy of bamboo. It is anchored but still flexible. You can navigate this time of big change if you can remember to “stay bouncy”.


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