COSMIC INSIDER: Astrology, Life After Death & More

“Question what you’re experiencing. Become an explorer – because if you’re an explorer that leads to discovery.”

– Psychic Medium John Edward, The Astrology Hub Podcast episode 247


This week we had legendary Psychic Medium John Edward on the show!


Not only is he a renowned Author and Television star, but he is also a student of Astrology AND a fan of Astrology Hub 🎉


John reached out to Astrology Hub a few months ago because he resonated with our message of sharing the wisdom of astrology wholeheartedly and without agenda.


In this episode, we talk about how he uses astrology in his life and work.


Plus, we got to ask him questions like “What is the most consistent message people ‘on the other side' send to their loved ones?” And, “What's the difference between being psychic and intuitive?”


We think you'll love his answers to these questions, and you may relate to his journey with astrology…


He says, “I don’t think I’m supposed to know astrology to do it, I feel like I’m supposed to know enough about it that it adds to what I do.”


Maybe you’re a yoga instructor, a doctor, an artist, or a full-time parent… 


Whatever roles you play, it's our hope that astrology serves to enrich and support your life.  


As always, we have a stellar lineup of shows for you to tune in via the Astrology Hub Podcast!


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🌟Connect with the starry sky with Gemini Brett on StarryTelling and learn all about the Lunar Nodes and the Draconic Bowl.


If you want to connect your astrology practice with the actual movements of the sky, you'll love Brett's new class, Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers.


“I’m not here to teach you my astrology, I’m here to remind you to remember yours. That’s the point of the Sacred Astronomy course.” -Gemini Brett


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🌟Seeds of Light Host Ana Zaharia and Astrologer and Herbalist, Cameron Allen continue their journey through the children of the zodiac, giving helpful advice for parents with “Supporting Your Libra Child”


If you have a Libra child, here are some tips from Cameron:


  • Help them cultivate their ideas around beauty or define “beauty” for themself.


  • Allow them the autonomy to create the atmosphere in their room or a space in the home. Let them bring their natural aesthetic into their living space.


  • Help them to attune to harmony, especially harmony in nature by doing activities like drawing, looking at the Fibonacci sequence, or finding natural symmetry outside.



Of course, if you want to go even deeper into any of these incredible topics, check out the full episodes! And if you'd like even more practical guidance on how to navigate the year ahead download your FREE 2021 Astrology Guidebook.


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