COSMIC INSIDER: Do retrogrades give you a second chance?

“You may be a little slow at things…”

“You may do things backwards…”

“You may be more of an internal person…”


These are the kinds of things you may read or hear astrologers say when you ask about retrograde planets in your chart…


But are these things actually true?


On the most recent episode of Frank Answers, Frank Clifford said that ⅓ of us have Saturn retrograde in our charts, so naturally, I had to see if I was one of them…


Well, not only do I have Saturn retrograde, but I also have Mars, Jupiter, AND Pluto retrograde in my chart! (you can click here to see if YOU have any planets retrograde in your chart – any planets that have a lower case “r” next to them indicates a retrograde placement). 


So it was incredibly powerful to hear the way Frank reframed these placements that often get a bad rap.


He says, “In my experience, a natal retrograde planet; it’s not backwards, it’s not slow, it’s not always simply about the “inner life” as you might read about in some books. Retrograde in my experience means second chance.”


Frank explains how you can look at the retrograde planets in your chart to see where you may have experienced something too early, perhaps without the self-awareness or maturity to handle it.


He says that there is an “early promise” in that retrograde planet that is put on hold, like a pause or a gestation period.


Then, later in life, that passion, interest, or calling gets rediscovered. You get a second chance. 


I just love this idea and am curious: Have you had this “second chance” experience with a retrograde planet in your chart?


I know the life I'm living right now feels like one big “second chance!”


Even if you don’t have any retrograde planets in your personal chart, we ALL experience retrogrades together as the planets continue to dance across the skies.


Right now, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde, backing up in your chart and illuminating the places where you might get a second chance.


Maybe Saturn is teaching you to reclaim your authority or Neptune is guiding you to re-dream your wildest dreams…


Like Frank said, retrogrades don’t have to mean that things are breaking down or sluggish. Maybe they are an invitation to try again, to pick up something that you gave up on long ago, or to reimagine something you thought was impossible.


One of the things I love most about Frank Clifford is his natural ability to take seemingly “negative” chart placements and aspects and reframe them in an empowering way.


If you have anything in your chart that you've heard negative things about, or you're feeling fear about a “negative” transit that's coming your way, I invite you to submit a question to Frank for consideration on our newest show, Frank Answers (completely FREE!) 


You can submit your question and get the chance to have it answered by Award-Winning Astrologer Frank Clifford for FREE here (and check out the other questions he’s answered too)


I have loved Frank's approach to astrology since the first conversation I had with him on the podcast years ago…


And I can’t recommend his newest show enough, for those of you seeking empowering astrological guidance that comes straight from the heart.


Enjoy Frank's episode and more with this week's incredible lineup of shows! 



Sending my best,


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