COSMIC INSIDER: July is a whole new world…

As Rick Levine was describing the month ahead on the Cosmic Connection, I found myself envisioning a storyline for a play or movie (because that's what it felt like!)


I decided to chart the “story arc” he laid out for the month along with some of his helpful tips for working with it all. My notes are below – I hope this helps you see the big picture! 


Scene 1: Something is awakened. “The first week of July is like someone sticking needles into a sleeping beast.” Mars and Saturn cause an eruption. And there’s healing potential too. Rick says if the first part of the month was a type of music, “It's like rock and roll!”


Scene 2: Moving into unknown territory. Right around today, we're moving into the phase Rick referred to as “unknown territory” because new characters, ideas, challenges, and opportunities are arising and we're navigating new frontiers. 


Scene 3: Life is but a dream. Mid-month you’ll enter a dreamy, creative zone. Whether romantic, playful,  artistic, or poetic, this period is a potent place for new creations and possibilities.


Scene 4: The confrontation. Tension and power struggle arise. You may feel this the most as a strain between yourself and society. How you feel internally and what you value may be at odds with existing social structures. 


Scene 5: Frustration. Toward the middle/end of the month, Rick said the energy will be nerve-rattling, or annoying, and it may feel “like a mosquito in a tent when you’re trying to fall asleep.”


Scene 6:  Revelation. Remember that anything that is “drudged up” at the end of the month is showing itself for a reason. 


Scene 7: Hope. Things become more hopeful if you look forward and not backward. You'll start to feel excitement about what’s next. 


You see why it felt like a movie script to me as Rick was laying it out for us?


And here's the best part… the astrology is providing the backdrop of energy you'll be working with, but YOU get to write your own story, Amy!


You get to “color it in” with your own experiences, responses, characters and vision.


As Anne has said many times this year, right now you are setting the stage for the next 20 years… what story have you begun writing?  


You can watch the full Cosmic Connection July Forecast episode below plus get a lot more material to support the scripting of your life story below!



Sending my best,


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